Sunday, December 21, 2014

Villa del Conte now comes in bars.

My children love chocolates. They say that chocolate is their stress buster that is why I always have one in my bag every time they have a performance or show. I particularly love Villa del Conte chocolates.  Good news for Villa del Conte chocolate lovers because;  they have 2 additional bars  ;cioccolato al latte finissimo and cioccolato extra fodente.

Monday, December 1, 2014


For almost a year now, avid fans of true American burgers have found a sanctuary in the corner of Mother Ignacia Avenue and Scout Reyes in Quezon City. Indeed, you read that right—Burger Company, the restaurant that has been serving Metro Manila one of the thickest and juiciest burger patties available today. It was conceptualized and developed by two young and passionate burger lovers, Alvin Ong and Francis Fabie.

Alvin Ong is the chef and operations manager of Burger Company. A CCA graduate, his phi­losophy in cooking is to deconstruct his childhood favorites and recreate it into new flavors for his dishes. Francis Fabie is the public relations and marketing manager of Burger Company. A graduate of Organizational Communication from DLSU, he is a foodie at heart and has a pen­chant for fantastic burgers and exquisite steaks. 

VeggieZen: For healthy buff and the like

My goal for being healthy started two years ago, when my mom died due to cancer and six years before that, my grandmother also died due to cancer. Being healthy is a must for me; it’s all because of my children and to all the people that I love.  Being healthy for me is being conscious on my food intake. Whatever I eat would definitely affect the performance of my body.  Being doesn’t mean you have to eat just grass, hahaha; you just have to learn where to look for the right food with the right price and right principle.  I usually have to go all the way to Tomas Morato to be able to get a taste of my favorite vegie food, but now I found one located near may place. Veggie Zen is located at 713 Jose Abad Santos St Little Baguio, San Juan del Monte.

The following food that I got to taste is not just food; they are food for the soul. Each one has conceptualized to till maximum benefits.

For my appetizer,  I so love the sayote with sesame sead and the raddish and carrots atchara. The Pandan tea relaxes my palate as well.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Star Herks of Star-baks Sizzling & Frappe

It was a year ago when my friend Hercules mentioned that he is planning to resign to set up a restaurant of his own. He even asked me if I could blog about it and I agree but due to my hectic schedule as mom and a career woman; it didn’t push through.  Herks (that’s what they call him now) recently won in the Best Pinoy Street Food 2014 (North Edsa Branch) because of his own version of sisig named “COCO SISIG KINEME”.  I was so happy for my friend when he was featured by no less than When in Manila. I know Herks since our high school days; we are best buddies especially when it comes to setting up plays and other group project. Even when we were in high school, Herks is special; he is imaginative and inventive. He can think of ways as to how we could showcase our plays and projects so that it would not bore the audience.  Going back to his cooking, I know that the time has come for me to get a taste of his cooking. I together with other food blogger friends, visit him at Star-Baks.

It was nice to see him again but today, I more interested to his Coco Sisig Kineme and other foods that he offers.  It was actually past lunch time and my tummy is grumbling already and so here it goes.  The place was not that big but it’s not the place that were after, you can have your food take out if you want.  We order several dish and Coco Sisig Kineme was one of them. 

Coco Sisig Kineme is combination of sisig and Bicol express (because of the gata).  It got a hint of spiciness that is just right for everyone especially with warm rice. There’s also hotdog bit (the red ones) which make it more colorful. It only cost P75 pesos and good for 2-3 people if you ask me. You can also have it during after office with a cold beer.  I am not a fan of sisig and I'm not saying this because I’m vias but it it’s really good and I recommend that you try it yourself.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

This Holiday Season, remember to stay healthy and energetic

During this this Holiday season, we are in our most stressful and tiring time. This holiday season is the time we are the busiest and had to really take good care of our body. Being at the peak or healthiest moment is an important thing. We need to sometimes rely on other thing to give us that boost of energy to cope up with the days ahead.

Get enough sleep. The holiday season is filled with parties and reunions but don't use this as an excuse to scrimp on sleep. Sleep is the secret to good health, there's no other way around it. If you wish to have energy to enjoy the season, sleep is essential. To be your best, make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Honey's Kimchi: Kimchi and Everything You Want in a Korean Restaurant

It was my daughter Jem who introduced me to Korean cuisine when she brought home some kimchi. From that day, I was a certified Korean fan, from Chapchae to anything that has a Korean taste on it.  There are lots of Korean restaurant in the Metro but if you’re a mother of five kids, you think twice before indulging with their cuisine.
It was a big break for me when I finally found a place that has that Korean taste and yet didn’t have to give an arm and a leg just to dine. If you’re thinking that Korean cuisine can only be found in exclusive restaurant , better think again because you can get as many as you want.

Let me introduced to you Honey’s Kimchi, and if you are an avid mall goes, then you can find Honey’s Kimchi in SM food courts and other six food courts of different malls. You don’t need to feel intimidated, you don’t need to dress up, and you don’t need a large chunk of money just to get a taste of Korean.

I was with some friend and we ordered as many as we want and share everything along the way. Who could resist their meal that only cost as much as 140/meal, even students can afford this (don’t you think)

Honey’s Kimchi is not just kimchi, they are more than that. Honey’s Kimchi has a wide array of food that’s not only good on your pocket but on you tummy as well.

Monday, November 10, 2014


I love Mexican food, with their burrito and nachos. And when it comes to Mexican food, there’s a place in Cubao that has it all and a whole lot more. Taco Bell has only 3 branches (2 in Gateway mall and 1 in Trinoma) and yet they are making waves when it comes to Taco. Well, have you taco, crispy or soft; Taco Bell has it.

And now they have a new member in their exciting list; the Meaty Grillers.

The Chili Cheese Potato Griller, don’t you love  cheese and potato, love the taste when you combine both of them and add  Chili Beef, Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Potato Bites on soft  Tortilla. A little spicy but it would make you crave for more.

Here the next one, I so love the Mexican rice and   Pork Steak ‘N Onion got it. It has Fiesta Rice, Pork BBQ toppings, Pepper Jack Sauce, Diced Onions rolled in Tortilla in it.

Chef's Choice- Smokehouse Burger: Available in a Limited Time Only at CaliBurger

Besides Pasta, burger is my next grub. It’s the time of food that you can get anytime and can be eaten anywhere. But not all burgers are the same; there are certain boundaries as what a burger can offer. Yes, you could say that they have the same ingredients like the bun, the patties, cheese and lettuce; but when it come to the sauce and how they manage to get together all of this ingredients and make it into one that will truly give you the real experience of having that burger; that’s where the real thing will emerge

Now, CaliBurger is launching an extremely special burger called the Chef’s Choice – SMOKEHOUSE Burger crafted by one of the country’s most respected chefs, Chef Robert Pengson.

Chef Rob is father of two kids who owns or co own five restaurant in the Metro that’s why I knew that he is serious when it comes to creating a masterpiece. I got a chance to chat with Chef Rob and he further explains the entire thing that I wanted to know why he created the Smokehouse Burger

Monday, November 3, 2014

Zhu Kitchen: For Hand Pulled Noodles and a whole lot more

When it comes to noodles, nothing beats a hand pulled noodle. If you want an authentic hand pulled noodle made from scratch, then Zhu Kitchen is the place for you. Whether you like Chinese dishes or not; your opinion will be as good as mine. I love noodles, with soup or not and Zhu Kitchen offers a whole lot more. Zhu Kitchen has dim sums and you actually can order anything if they have the ingredients for it.  

Vittorio's Steak House: You're Steak House in Kamuning

Let’s just make this plain and simple. If you happen to be in the area of Kamuning/Kamias near EDSA and looking for a place to dine in; you don’t need to go all the way to Tomas Morato because there is a newly opened restaurant called Vittorio’s Steakhouse located along Kamuning Road that serves what I think you are looking for.  I worked in Kamias and every time the group craved for something to eat; Tomas Morato is what we’re thinking; luckily that we spotted this newly open steakhouse and save us the journey of finding delicious cuisine that is right for our pocket.

Chef  Daluz is a supporter of artist from Dolores. If you like the painting decorated in his restaurant , you can actually purchase it and the price is reasonable as well.
Chef Victor Daluz (owner), personally prepares the dishes for that night
 The night was warm and this House Blend Ice Tea is a sure winner. I manage to finish 5 serving of this.
House Blend Ice Tea
 Everything that was prepared that night was a sure winner. I actually was not hungry but the sight of the food that was served made my tummy turn upside  down and wanted to eat.

The crispiness of the lettuce and the dressing is a total match
Chop Noodles Salad - P 190.00

Lemon Buttered Fish Fillet - P385

Crab Shrimp Pizza 
 I didn't know that we could actually use lettuce as toppings for pizza. You will surely love this one
Thai Chix Pizza - P 275

Buttered Garlic Shrimp - P 270.00

Salpicao - P 325.00

Calamares - P 235.00
 The tenderness and the sauce of this Baby Back Ribs will keep you ordering for more rice
Baby back Ribs - P 380.00

Australian Ribeye P 499.00

Pan seared Hanging Tenders - P 445.00

Porterhouse - P 2285.00
Clam Pasta P 320.00

 Banana Split for dessert

Knowing where to eat is a must. We need not go to the usual place cause we will find them if we just look around.

Vittorio's Steakhouse
121 Forab Building, 
Kamuning Road,
Quezon City
Contact Number: 7386564

Celebrate National Pasta Month with Al Dente Fans and Mommies

October is National Pasta and I was lucky to be able to celebrate this event with mommies who love to cook and eat pasta.

The day was not all about eating and cooking but a series of information was share as well
The Italian term, “Al Dente”, means “to the tooth” in English. But what it actually refers to is how pasta is perfectly cooked… not too soft and soggy, not too hard. Just right. Al Dente!
Pasta is now commonly prepared using a “Teflon Die Cut”. Die cuts are devices used to shape and trim pasta noodles to the different variants we normally see in groceries and specialty food shops. Variants such as spaghetti, fusilli, fettuccine, and more.

The problem with pasta prepared using a Teflon Die Cut is that the surfaces of the noodles are smoother.  The traditional (and better) way of preparing pasta is through the use of a BRONZE Die Cut. What makes it oh so special? Well, pasta that has gone through the Bronze Die Cut process retains a coarser surface texture. It is this very texture that allows all kinds of sauces to stick to the noodles instead of sliding off. The result? A more flavorful and richer pasta dining experience.

Products of  Fly Ace

Brooklyn's Pizza: New Look, New Logo but Same Delicious Taste

I knew it, when I heard the name Brooklyn's Pizza; I know that I had seen it somewhere but the new logo confuse me.  I was able to visit the new Brooklyn's Pizza branch in N. Domingo; the place may have a new design (renovated to give it a new look), the name was changed (slightly) and the new look of the logo. I was really confused by the new logo because it bears a character that I later found out has a meaning to it.  The logo bears an elephant with wings; they explain that the elephant is a symbolic of strength. Legend has it that in an effort to quash the doubts over the Brooklyn Bridge’s stability, P.T. Barnum led a parade of 21 elephants across the bridge headed by a Jumbo the Elephant. The estimated weight of all 21 elephants at that time was 100 tons. Today, the Brooklyn Bridge is the second busiest bridge in New York City with an average 144,000 vehicles cross the bridge everyday which is the same weight as 42,000 elephants.

Rue Bourbon: Night Life in Makati

All work and no play make a person dull and lack of energy.  We all need to unwind, take a break from a stressful day at work and just have some time with friends without spending much and just have a good time.

Buffalo Wild Wings : Opens this December in the Philippines

Things are about to heat up for food lovers and local sports fans with the Philippine opening of Buffalo Wild Wings, known for its exciting sports viewing atmosphere. Its namesake being Buffalo, NY-style chicken wings served with one of 18 mouth-watering signature sauces and seasonings, spiced up with its wide selection of beers. The first Philippine branch of this international restaurant chain will be launched at Capitol Commons in Pasig City this December.

It was in 1982 when Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery founded Buffalo Wild Wings, shortly after the two friends moved to Ohio from Buffalo. Driven by their craving for New York’s popular bar food which was nowhere to be found in Ohio, Jim and Scott opened their own wing joint instead near The Ohio State University campus.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Triple-O’s 2nd Branch: SM Aura Premier

I first saw Triple-O’s at SM Megamall and got curios as what is was all about. Luckily I for I got visit their 2nd store in SM Aura Premier which recently opened. Triple –O’s by Whitespot is recognizable to those people who visited CANADA (why?  , because they don’t need to go back to CANADA to get a taste of their favorite Triple-O’s).

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rethink your Drink: There's more what our body needs

I love running and it really takes a lot of energy to do that. When I run, I sweat a lot and that means I need to rehydrate myself and now a days, water is not enough. Yes, water is what our body needs (8 glass of water per day is the recommended requirement), but there are things that we do that needs more than water itself

What we drink and how many times we drink is the key to a healthy and happy life. Too often, though, many of us think of only two elements as we go through our daily challenges in work or at home: food and fitness. It does not matter how many diet plans we missed or exercise regimens that we did not complete; at the back of our minds, we believe that it is essential to eat the right foods and perform physical activities regularly if we are to meet the demands in our personal and professional spheres.

All this is well and good, but it still lacks the third, and unfortunately often-ignored, aspect that is also important to our physical and mental well-being: hydration. In the medical sense, hydration means “adding water to our body.” To many of us, this means following the age-old rule taught to us since childhood that is to drink eight glasses of water a day. It is a healthy advice that we try to follow but often overlook. How many of us do make it a point to take that much amount of water intake? And if we fail, chances are we shrug it off – or try to compensate by substituting our favorite drinks such as soda, coffee, juices, iced tea, energy drinks, or even beer and liquor.

Friday, October 17, 2014


I am not a frequent meat eater, which is why I’m choosy when I dine out and pork meat would be the the main course. I just want to make sure that when I eat meat, it would be worth my time and effort.
I live in Pasig and as they say; love your own place and restaurant as well. I need not go far just to get a taste of what I want because a restaurant recently opens in Kapitolyo and they served what I crave for but choose to dine only on what I think is the best. Located inside Kapitolyo is TOMAHAWK, best known for their Tomahawk Chops.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Krrrispy Ribs in Kraaazy Town by Krazy Garlik

The first time I visited Krazy Garlik in Greenbelt 5 was because of a meeting. I immediately fell in love with their line of dishes and make a point to drop by on any given chances to get to taste their carte du jour.

And now, if you are also looking for a new reason to shiver these-ber months? How about experiencing the newest crunchy goodness from Krazy Garlik? Discover a whole new world of crunch as Krazy Garlik introduces its newest addition to the Kraaazy menu: the Krrrispy Ribs.

It’s a sumptuous dish that is deep fried ribs tossed in garlic bits, dried shrimp, fresh chili, and spring onion served with homemade liver sauce and spiced vinegar. It might sound crazy but when it hits your palate, you’re going to realize that it’s Kraaazy for all the right reasons.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Juan Stop Inihaw is where you stop to dine

May nakita ako Juan Stop Inihaw na tinatayo sa kanto ng Anonas and it bring back the memory when I dine at their  first branch which is located at N. Domingo. Juan Stop Inihaw is a pride of Bacolod.

Maaliwalas at kaaya-aya ang kanilang restaurant. Accomodating ang mga staff  at natural na masayahin

Ang magandang balita, malaki ang serving ng kanilang mga inasal. Mabuti na lamang at mga may ari may sariling poultry na pinagkukunan ng kanilang manok kung kaya't di malaki ang overhead and price difference for profit

Clara Ole Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce: Fast and Easy Dinner Companion

Pasukan na ulit at balikan sa mga dorm nila ang aking mga girls at kami na lang ni EJ ang naiwan sa bahay. Since kami na nga lang ni EJ ang naiwan sa bahay, nakakatamad na magluto. Paggising sa umaga, need ko magluto para sa almusal at para sa baon ni EJ pero pagdating namin sa gabi, ibang usapan na.
Pareho kaming pagod mag-ina, si EJ dahil galing sa school at ako naman ay galing sa office kaya parang ala na kaming ganang magluto at kumain. Si EJ dahil din sa sobrang pagod eh gutom lagi pero ako tamad magluto at nakakasawa na ang kanin at ulam sa gabi.

Dahil dito, mas madalin pa sa akin ang ipagluto sya ng pasta. For fast and easy dinner for EJ, andyan ang Clara Ole Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce. Quick and easy at di na kailangan ng kung ano ano pang dagdag na ingredients. Simpleng simple lang basta't napakuluan ko na ang pasta noodles. Kung marunong kang maggisa ng bawang, sibuyas, eh 1-2-3 ang procedure. Pag nakapaggisa ka na, ilagay mo lang ang Clara Ole Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce, pakuluin sandali at before you know it, may sarili na kaming pasta for the night

My Clara Ole, fast and easy creamy tomato pasta sauce

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The “Quality Cream-based” Sauces from Clara Olé

I love pasta, especially the carbona. My daughter love cooking pasta carbonara with different variations and she will be trill once I told her the good news from Clara Ole.

From the family that made Pasta Sauces a true and delicious fixture in every Filipino dish, Clara Olé, a leading name in pasta sauces, tomato sauce, marinades, syrups, jams & jelly, dips n’ dressings, introduces its newest line of cream-based sauces that will surely provide delight in every family meal.

There’s no doubt that these “Quality Cream-based” sauces—Carbonara Pasta Sauce, Béchamel White Sauce, and Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce—from the Clara Olé line of products by Sysu International Inc., serves as its latest coup de grâce in the Philippine food industry.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Swensens : It's not you're Ordinary Ice Cream

Swensen's recently opened it's 2nd branch at SM North Edsa. I do love ice cream and I'm so curious what Swensen's can offer to this tummy of mine. 

Make your Father's Day More Special with Aussie Beef

Two birds in one stone, that’s what S & R is offering for those who wants the best of both world in time for the celebration of Father’s day. You can serve a sumptuous meal and got to get a chance to win a prize as well for your father.

To honor the man of the house this Father's Day, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has partnered with S&R and Austrade to make sure daddy dearest gets bellyful of his favorite Australian beef and more. MLA is launching twin promotions for the Father's Day month of June.

Every purchase of 2 kilos of Australian beef at any S&R branch until June 15 entitles customers to draw from a lot and bring home any of the following prizes: indoor grill, charbroiled grill, food thong, Australian Red Wine or recipe booklet. From June 14 to 30, diners at Cyma, Allium and Madison's Bistro Moderne who will order any entree made with Australian beef can get a special Father's Day mug.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


“If you’re craving for something sweet and crunchy, check out Mister Donut Snack Pack collection. Right now, they’ve got Brownie Brittle and Donut Rocks. Brownie Brittle is a pack of crispy chocolate brownie chips and the Donut Rocks are crunchy chocolate donut bites. These are perfect pambaon for school or for work. And they’re also very affordable because Brownie Brittle is only PhP30.00 a pack and Donut Rocks are only PhP 35.00. Get them at Mister Donut shops and while you’re there and check out the other good stuff they have.


It’s Mother’s Day and its Sunday, and just like any other Sunday; we attend mass before doing anything else.  It’s bonding time every Sunday; we go to mass and then its mall and eating out. This Sunday, we went to Mister Donut.  They have this ongoing promo for Mother’s day and they can treat me without spending much.

For only 99 pesos.  I got to choose from a delectable Black Forest, a delicious Mocha, or a classic Red Velvet cake inspired creations.  With every purchase of these cake-inspired creations, I also got a cuddly teddy bear. More than the gift, a mom really appreciates the time and effort they took to show me how much I mean to them.  Moms are always thankful that their children know how to treat them right.


Toppings make all the difference.  At Mister Donut, you’ll see why their Fun Tops donut line, with its wonderful assortment of special toppings, really live up to that enjoyable description.  For example, take the much loved Bavarian donut, increase its size and add a chocolate glaze.  Hailed as the Caramel Crush, it will definitely surprise you with its heavenly crushed caramel and honey bits.  That chocolate and caramel combination can really take you on an exceptional food trip.  But wait, take the same Bavarian donut with more donut goodness to enjoy, aptly called the Candy Sprinkles variant, and you’ll see why childhood smiles become quite a welcome throwback as you bite into that pink frosting lovingly coated in sweet candy sprinkles.  It’s just so good and oh, so fun!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Easy Chicken Recipes for Today’s Supermoms

Today’s modern moms no longer play the exclusive role of being a homebody. Just like dad, mothers are also driven to succeed not just in taking care of the family, but in nourishing a budding career.

But they won’t neglect duties at home. The great thing is they know how to balance life at the office and with her loved ones. She takes care of her different priorities and often succeeds, earning the admiration of those around her. Truly, no other individual deserves to be labeled ‘Superwoman.’

A special help at home

Bounty Fresh aims to help these remarkable women by providing recipes of delicious, healthy meals they can prepare despite their busy schedules, using chicken with only the freshest choice cuts. Bounty Fresh Chickens are guaranteed the best in the market—with no preservatives and meat extenders. This ensures that all meals prepared using Bounty Fresh Chicken are not just sumptuous but perfect for the dietary needs of every member of the family.

Quick-fire recipes

Need some ideas for a quick lunch or a sumptuous snack? These two simple recipes from Bounty Fresh Chicken are definitely worth a try! The Lay’s Crusted Chicken Fingers with Garlic-Kesong Puti Dip is a superb yet simple chicken poppers recipe, good as a meal or as a snack when watching a favorite movie or TV show. The Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich, on the other hand, provides a different twist to the classic sandwich favorite.
Here are the recipes:
Lay’s Crusted Chicken Fingers with Garlic-Kesong Puti Dip

Thursday, March 27, 2014

BANZAI : The Great Teppanyaki Theather

BANZAI: The Great Teppanyaki Theater is NOW OPEN and ready to give the ultimate Japanese dining experience!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gourmet Filipino Burger at Wham

Burger, burger, burger, just when I thought I know it all; something big comes along. Wham and I hit really hard on my stomach. I really need to adjust my appetite to be able to get through this Wham Burger

When it comes to burger, most people would think about it as a comforting meal and perhaps the safest choice when craving for something fast yet satisfying. However, many will agree that not all burgers are created the same, purveyors can be partial over a tried and tested recipe with American appeal coupled with an awesome classic taste that stands out.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Bounty Fresh Chicken: Great Chicken Recipes for All Seasons and Reasons

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing a special meal with family, friends, and loved ones?

Make each celebration extra special with Bounty Fresh Chicken, a brand recognized and trusted by Filipino families as “Asia’s best chicken.” As one of the most versatile and healthiest meats available, with distinct native taste and juicy, tender goodness, Bounty Fresh Chicken is the centerpiece of innumerable great recipes fit for all seasons and reasons. Bursting with natural flavors and juices, and always vacuum-sealed to prolong refrigerated shelf life, the Bounty Fresh Chicken brand stands for healthy, nutritious poultry products (fresh chicken, Chooks-to-Go, and processed meats) that respond to various styles of preparation and reward Filipinos’ creativity.

Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, birthdays, fiestas: it doesn’t matter what the occasion is: Bounty Fresh Chicken is the brand consumers have come to look for as they prepare the food that makes every moment with loved ones memorable.

In collaboration with popular food blog, Bounty Fresh Chicken is serving up the Chicken Dish Collection, perfect for families looking to celebrate any special occasion with the freshest, healthiest, and most delicious chicken meals.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An Aussie Overload at Marriott Manila

Taste Australia in a celebration of the diversity of premium food and drinks at Marriott Hotel Manila! Savor the steaks from the Outback, relish the seafood from the Great Barrier, imbibe on the wines from the cellars of Adelaide, or feast on the rich meat pies from Victoria; an array of choices await you this January!

Come over at Marriott Café for an Australian Wine Buffet, where five of the most excellent wines from the vineyards of Australia are available every night for only P825, together with featured cheeses that create a perfect partnership on your palate. A new gelato flavor is added -- Vittoria Australian Coffee, exclusively for this month only, is perfect as a sweet ending to an already delicious meal.

At Cru Steakhouse, experience posh dining with Chermoula Marinated Australian Lamb Loin at P1900, prepared by Marriott’s very own Chef Rej Casanova. Couple the dish with any of the three taste selected Shiraz wines, and add from their selection of cheeses for a classic, well-loved combination. Order a cup of hot, steaming Vittoria Australian Coffee for a fulfilling finish.

Eat, drink, and be merry the way Aussies do at the Greatroom with original meat pies, juicy surf n’ turf, and savory side dishes! Couple it with a mug of XXL beer, a glass of Australian wine or one soda to complete the rustic experience in all Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays of January, 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM at P1100.

Easycook Lentils : Lentils and Pesto Macaroni Soup

On December 21, 2013, recipes creatively using peas and lentils were demonstrated by Filipino master chef Ojie Reloj at a media event. Chef Ojie is an architect by trade so he knows to meld function and beauty while emphasizing the importance of using local resources, which he also does in his cooking. Some of the recipes he loves include Lentils a la Mongo (prepared the same way as mongo, using lentils as a healthy mongo replacement), Lentils or yellow split peas empanaditas, and Lentils and Pesto Macaroni Soup.

Because of their high nutrient content, peas and lentils are recommended for everyone. They are the smart alternatives for a healthy and robust lifestyle. This is one of the best health advices: eat your peas, love your lentils!

Easycook peas, lentils, and beans are distributed in the Philippines by Ideal Macaroni and Spaghetti Factory Inc. For more information, please go to their website

Lentils and Pesto Macaroni Soup
1 cup                           200 grams                    EASYCOOK LENTILS, soaked overnight
1 ¾ cups                      380 grams                    Chicken Stock
2 ½ cups                      600 ml                         Water
3 tbsp                          45 grams                      Basil pesto
1 cup                           150 grams                    Zucchini, thinly sliced
1 cup                           70 grams                      Scallions, chopped
2 cups                          200 grams                    Shell Macaroni, cooked according to package directions
                                                                        Croutons, for garnish
                                                                        Parmesan cheese, for garnish
1.         Combine EASYCOOK Lentils, chicken stock, and water in a large saucepan; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for about 35-45 minutes, or until peas are very soft.
2.         Stir in pesto, zucchini and scallions and simmer for 5-10 minutes longer. Add pasta and stir.
3.         Serve with croutons and grated parmesan cheese to sprinkle over soup.

Yield: 5-6 servings
                                                                                                            Chef Ojie Reloj

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Plunge into the New Year with a Splash There are places to see and explore only with Nestea RTD

Entering into a new year is always an exciting time. It’s the time when our planners are filled with notes and resolutions that promise to make 2014 the best year ever. One way to do this is by taking more risks and going on adventures you never had the time (or guts) to embark on before. Going on a vacation not only relaxes you but also transforms you into someone better. So why not include more travel destinations to this year’s itinerary? These places will definitely be worth the vacation leave.


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