Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cinnabon Mixed Berry Minibon; Bake it and Enjoy it

Today, I got to try my baking skill (well, actually it’s more of following instructions, but still , pinagpawisan ako doing it).  When I received an invitation as to learn how Cinnabon does their famous Cinnabon products, I was just so excited and send a definite yes to the invitation.  Luckily, the branch was so near to my residence that it just took me 10 minutes to get there. Well, I guess I was so excited that  I actually arrived 30 minutes earlier than the time specified. 

As I entered the Podium branch of Cinnabon, I was welcome with the aroma of the cinnamons and it makes my tummy grumble.  To make this tummy quite a bit, I opt to eat some cinnabon sticks.

Well, it’s time to learn a new skill or  let’s start the lesson.  The dough was actually made already and the so the main event begins; do your own mixberry minibon . 


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