Sunday, May 11, 2014


“If you’re craving for something sweet and crunchy, check out Mister Donut Snack Pack collection. Right now, they’ve got Brownie Brittle and Donut Rocks. Brownie Brittle is a pack of crispy chocolate brownie chips and the Donut Rocks are crunchy chocolate donut bites. These are perfect pambaon for school or for work. And they’re also very affordable because Brownie Brittle is only PhP30.00 a pack and Donut Rocks are only PhP 35.00. Get them at Mister Donut shops and while you’re there and check out the other good stuff they have.


It’s Mother’s Day and its Sunday, and just like any other Sunday; we attend mass before doing anything else.  It’s bonding time every Sunday; we go to mass and then its mall and eating out. This Sunday, we went to Mister Donut.  They have this ongoing promo for Mother’s day and they can treat me without spending much.

For only 99 pesos.  I got to choose from a delectable Black Forest, a delicious Mocha, or a classic Red Velvet cake inspired creations.  With every purchase of these cake-inspired creations, I also got a cuddly teddy bear. More than the gift, a mom really appreciates the time and effort they took to show me how much I mean to them.  Moms are always thankful that their children know how to treat them right.


Toppings make all the difference.  At Mister Donut, you’ll see why their Fun Tops donut line, with its wonderful assortment of special toppings, really live up to that enjoyable description.  For example, take the much loved Bavarian donut, increase its size and add a chocolate glaze.  Hailed as the Caramel Crush, it will definitely surprise you with its heavenly crushed caramel and honey bits.  That chocolate and caramel combination can really take you on an exceptional food trip.  But wait, take the same Bavarian donut with more donut goodness to enjoy, aptly called the Candy Sprinkles variant, and you’ll see why childhood smiles become quite a welcome throwback as you bite into that pink frosting lovingly coated in sweet candy sprinkles.  It’s just so good and oh, so fun!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Easy Chicken Recipes for Today’s Supermoms

Today’s modern moms no longer play the exclusive role of being a homebody. Just like dad, mothers are also driven to succeed not just in taking care of the family, but in nourishing a budding career.

But they won’t neglect duties at home. The great thing is they know how to balance life at the office and with her loved ones. She takes care of her different priorities and often succeeds, earning the admiration of those around her. Truly, no other individual deserves to be labeled ‘Superwoman.’

A special help at home

Bounty Fresh aims to help these remarkable women by providing recipes of delicious, healthy meals they can prepare despite their busy schedules, using chicken with only the freshest choice cuts. Bounty Fresh Chickens are guaranteed the best in the market—with no preservatives and meat extenders. This ensures that all meals prepared using Bounty Fresh Chicken are not just sumptuous but perfect for the dietary needs of every member of the family.

Quick-fire recipes

Need some ideas for a quick lunch or a sumptuous snack? These two simple recipes from Bounty Fresh Chicken are definitely worth a try! The Lay’s Crusted Chicken Fingers with Garlic-Kesong Puti Dip is a superb yet simple chicken poppers recipe, good as a meal or as a snack when watching a favorite movie or TV show. The Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich, on the other hand, provides a different twist to the classic sandwich favorite.
Here are the recipes:
Lay’s Crusted Chicken Fingers with Garlic-Kesong Puti Dip


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