Friday, June 29, 2018

Boodle Fight Under 500 @The Food Tent Ph

One of the fondest memory that I have growing up with my cousins is when we ate together.  We are more than 20 and feeding us was the biggest problem but because there are lot of banana leave on our area, eating was fun plus cleaning was after was easy breezy.

Our aunt would just spread banana leaves on a long table and spread the rice and viands along with it, there would also be some fruits and dips as well. It was truly a sight to behold since we enjoyed it a lot.

Now that I now live in Pasig, this memory was brought back once again by The Food Tent Ph.  

The Food Tent Ph is located at the parking area of Robins Design Center along Meralco Ave. The Food Tent Ph opens at 4 pm till 10 pm , Thursday till Sunday and hopefully they would open on Wednesday as well.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Be Your Own Cake Boss

For home bakers, the kitchen is a holy ground where wonderful and tasty treats are created. But if you wish to be a baking pro and a kitchen boss, it is important to have tools that are efficient, durable and practical.

Just like the professional bakers, you can make delicious treats at home with the right skills, ingredients and the best baking tools.

The Cake Boss Bakeware Collection will make your kitchen stand out even more. Designed by Chef Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro Jr. of the American reality TV show “Cake Boss,” the merchandise are patterned after the baking tools used in the popular show. If you are a fan of the reality show, owning this set of equipment will make you feel like a cake boss too.
Since the products are designed by a chef, you are assured that each item is meticulously crafted to suit your baking needs. Cake Boss products are not just efficient but also practical. These products are durable and can last long without constant replacement. Cheap counterparts or other brands may cost less but these products can easily wear out and you will eventually end-up spending more.

Aside from efficiency and durability, the Cake Boss Bakeware Collection is an eye candy with their colorful products like bowls, measuring spoons and cups, designed in playful hues. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Agos Mall of Asia by Chef Tatung Sarthou

There is a new open entertainement area at the SM Mall of Asia and it houses not only entertainment but good restaurant as well.

The first thing that I notices the mouth watering Paella and I immediately  know that it’s the restaurant that I am looking for.

Agos in Filipino means to be carried away by the current. That's exactly what I felt when I ate their food. I went with the flow of excitement in eating this sumptous food.It brought out a lot of great memories. I remember sitting with my mom and eating great food. That' s the great vibe that I felt when I ate at AGOS. Its a place that you need to visit with your friends and especially family because you need to enjoy that moment together. 

I had a great time talking to Chef Mike "Tatung" Sarthou. There was never a dull moment with him. He dished out interesting facts and trivia especially about spices. I learned something new about the Manila Galleon Trade influences that lasted for 250 years. Everything in the restaurant was well thought of from the caligraphy of the logo, to the interior of the restaurant and even the menu. You will definitely want to as Chef Tatung says Sumabay sa Agos and i believe him because it was good you will come back for more. 

Watch the video and you see for yourself what Gastronomic Feast really is in Agos:

Agos is located at the ground floor of the north wing of the mall near Imax and facing Manila bay. The new restaurant also leads to the Manila-Acapulco Galleon trade museum that will open early next year making Agos a one of a kind dining destination in Manila.

Agos is open every day from 10am to 10pm and can be reached through landline 8891462 or mobile 09162393273.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Johann Coffee & Beverages Christmas Offerings

Johann Coffee & Beverages Lets You Taste the Filipino Christmas With Their New Blendpresso Delights: Puto Bumbong and Queso de Bola

Christmas in the Philippines is the longest and the brightest amongst nations. Filipinos hospitality shines bright and what better way to welcome our friends and relatives than staple delectable dishes and desserts such as Puto Bumbong and Queso de Bola. This Christmas, Johann Coffee & Beverages curated coffee drinks that are especially made for the Yuletide season: Blendpresso Puto Bumbong and Queso de Bola.

It’s still your masterpiece in a cup but with a twist. Each cup has one espresso shot, no artificial flavoring, carefully and specially roasted for Johann Coffee & Beverages.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

End the day with the new McShare Box and its best-tasting Chicken McDo

To make dining moments with families and loved ones more special, McDonald’s offers the new McShare Box that contains the best-tasting Chicken McDo. Each piece is sure to satisfy everyone’s chicken craving because the new and improved Chicken McDo is marinated, breaded, and fried to a golden perfection. It’s definitely juicier and tastier with just the right crunch!

Choose between the McShare Box with 6-pc and 8-pc Chicken McDo to complement your tasty meals whether at the dining table or in your favorite McDonald’s restaurant. Ideal for groups of three or four persons, the McShare Box is also available in McShare Bundles wherein you can try Chicken McDo with rice, drinks, and the BFF Fries.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Spoil yourself: Indulge in Jollibee Creamy Floats

Get ready for the coolest surprise from Jollibee: the Jollibee Creamy Floats in Chocolate and Coffee are back!

The country’s number one fastfood chain is giving its customers another reason to indulge their Jolly cravings with this specialty beverage line-up. Made from real coffee and chocolate, these beverages offer the perfect indulgent drinks you deserve! The Jollibee Chocolate and Coffee Floats are topped with vanilla soft-serve and Jollibee’s well-loved chocolate syrup for a treat packed with cool, creamy indulgence. These Creamy Floats are the perfect reward to a long day at school or work, or as a way to celebrate anything and everything.
Indulge in Jollibee’s Creamy Float in Chocolate and Coffee flavors.
Jollibee Creamy Choco Float
(SOLO – P49, ADD-ON – P30)
Jollibee Creamy Coffee Float
(SOLO - P54, ADD-ON – P35)

Consistent quality pays for Mrs. Lam Rice

Ask any entrepreneur his secret to success, and he would tell you that it is more than just luck. For Victor and Evelyn Lam, the powerhouse couple behind the Mrs. Lam Rice brand, it was really the four Ps of perseverance, persistence, parental care, and prayers for God’s blessings that guided them throughout the years.

Fact is, the family of Victor Lam has been in the rice business for generations before his generation decided to venture into other careers. He learned much of what he knows about the business from his uncles. That’s why he was confident of going back into rice trading in 2000.
Ms. Danica Sotto-Pingris with Mrs. Lam herself, Evelyn Lam, and Mr. Victor Lam


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