Sunday, December 21, 2014

Villa del Conte now comes in bars.

My children love chocolates. They say that chocolate is their stress buster that is why I always have one in my bag every time they have a performance or show. I particularly love Villa del Conte chocolates.  Good news for Villa del Conte chocolate lovers because;  they have 2 additional bars  ;cioccolato al latte finissimo and cioccolato extra fodente.

Monday, December 1, 2014


For almost a year now, avid fans of true American burgers have found a sanctuary in the corner of Mother Ignacia Avenue and Scout Reyes in Quezon City. Indeed, you read that right—Burger Company, the restaurant that has been serving Metro Manila one of the thickest and juiciest burger patties available today. It was conceptualized and developed by two young and passionate burger lovers, Alvin Ong and Francis Fabie.

Alvin Ong is the chef and operations manager of Burger Company. A CCA graduate, his phi­losophy in cooking is to deconstruct his childhood favorites and recreate it into new flavors for his dishes. Francis Fabie is the public relations and marketing manager of Burger Company. A graduate of Organizational Communication from DLSU, he is a foodie at heart and has a pen­chant for fantastic burgers and exquisite steaks. 

VeggieZen: For healthy buff and the like

My goal for being healthy started two years ago, when my mom died due to cancer and six years before that, my grandmother also died due to cancer. Being healthy is a must for me; it’s all because of my children and to all the people that I love.  Being healthy for me is being conscious on my food intake. Whatever I eat would definitely affect the performance of my body.  Being doesn’t mean you have to eat just grass, hahaha; you just have to learn where to look for the right food with the right price and right principle.  I usually have to go all the way to Tomas Morato to be able to get a taste of my favorite vegie food, but now I found one located near may place. Veggie Zen is located at 713 Jose Abad Santos St Little Baguio, San Juan del Monte.

The following food that I got to taste is not just food; they are food for the soul. Each one has conceptualized to till maximum benefits.

For my appetizer,  I so love the sayote with sesame sead and the raddish and carrots atchara. The Pandan tea relaxes my palate as well.


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