Monday, December 1, 2014

VeggieZen: For healthy buff and the like

My goal for being healthy started two years ago, when my mom died due to cancer and six years before that, my grandmother also died due to cancer. Being healthy is a must for me; it’s all because of my children and to all the people that I love.  Being healthy for me is being conscious on my food intake. Whatever I eat would definitely affect the performance of my body.  Being doesn’t mean you have to eat just grass, hahaha; you just have to learn where to look for the right food with the right price and right principle.  I usually have to go all the way to Tomas Morato to be able to get a taste of my favorite vegie food, but now I found one located near may place. Veggie Zen is located at 713 Jose Abad Santos St Little Baguio, San Juan del Monte.

The following food that I got to taste is not just food; they are food for the soul. Each one has conceptualized to till maximum benefits.

For my appetizer,  I so love the sayote with sesame sead and the raddish and carrots atchara. The Pandan tea relaxes my palate as well.

Wintermelon soup, this one really gave me a hard time. Hard time in a sense that I can't give it to other have it because I really love the taste of the wintermelon and the fungus.  This bowl is actually good for three person but I really want it all for myself.

Oakwood mushroom . The crispiness and taste of the dish would leave you with anazenent. You would not think that that you're eating mushroom all along.

The perfect skewers

Satay Yuchi, the version of curry dish

The Tokwa with Okra. The Okra is really crunchy, cooked just right. While others don't like  okra because of it slimy characteristic, this dish would be a test that not all okra are the same. The tokwa is tender and compliment the sauce.

Mushroom teriyaki, how can you resist this dish, with the flavor and sesame seed combine, you will surely finish one plate just like me

Fortune Bag, if think that it's fried, then think again, the bag is made of soft skin of bean curb, a lumpiang veggie .

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Tibeten Pasta, their version of spagetti, see I told you, it's not all about veggies and grass

The taiwan bopis, this is still mushroom but you will be fooled, haahaha

I  love the tamarid juice
The veggie fried rice, a meal itself

Misua Guisado, love it, they also believe in long life ( hehehe)
Fiesta Noodle in Miso Soup, upon entrance at the resto,, I could not resist giving this dish a second look, the soup is just right and the ingredients that goes with it compliment one another to give it a total satisfaction to the the person who would eat it.

Steamed rice with black sesame seeds

The monkey mushroom, the most expensive and best seller at VeggiZen. This dish has the longest preparation of all the dishes that you would find in the restaurant. 


Happy eating

For reservation and order
(02) 531 3696
Wilson, Greenhills.

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