Sunday, November 30, 2014

Star Herks of Star-baks Sizzling & Frappe

It was a year ago when my friend Hercules mentioned that he is planning to resign to set up a restaurant of his own. He even asked me if I could blog about it and I agree but due to my hectic schedule as mom and a career woman; it didn’t push through.  Herks (that’s what they call him now) recently won in the Best Pinoy Street Food 2014 (North Edsa Branch) because of his own version of sisig named “COCO SISIG KINEME”.  I was so happy for my friend when he was featured by no less than When in Manila. I know Herks since our high school days; we are best buddies especially when it comes to setting up plays and other group project. Even when we were in high school, Herks is special; he is imaginative and inventive. He can think of ways as to how we could showcase our plays and projects so that it would not bore the audience.  Going back to his cooking, I know that the time has come for me to get a taste of his cooking. I together with other food blogger friends, visit him at Star-Baks.

It was nice to see him again but today, I more interested to his Coco Sisig Kineme and other foods that he offers.  It was actually past lunch time and my tummy is grumbling already and so here it goes.  The place was not that big but it’s not the place that were after, you can have your food take out if you want.  We order several dish and Coco Sisig Kineme was one of them. 

Coco Sisig Kineme is combination of sisig and Bicol express (because of the gata).  It got a hint of spiciness that is just right for everyone especially with warm rice. There’s also hotdog bit (the red ones) which make it more colorful. It only cost P75 pesos and good for 2-3 people if you ask me. You can also have it during after office with a cold beer.  I am not a fan of sisig and I'm not saying this because I’m vias but it it’s really good and I recommend that you try it yourself.
Coco Sisig Kineme

The kare kare is good for two, I really love kare kare and this one did not disappoint me, the secret is to have have every ingredients even if it just in small quantity. this dish isgood for two.

Eating a rib eye steak for only 100 pesos is a good deal, the meat is tender and juicy, plus the gravy is superb, you would imagine that we are getting this from carinderia. 

The tapsilog, it's all in the tapa and the rice. love the tapa because of it tenderness

The pork sinigang will keep you coming back for more, the soup base is sour enough to make you kilig

The Frappelya de Aunor, for only P 50 pesos per serving, they have 5 different flavor . The the presentation is art itself.

The menu board, your guide to delicious food, all the dishes are affordable
Herks Umali, the person behind the Star-baks
STAR-BAKS is located at  133-E Bukidnon St., Brgy Ramon Magsaysay, Bago Bantay, QC (Near Sto. Nino Church and 7-Eleven). Open from 11am -3am

Happy eating everyone, hope to see you there. 

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  1. Hi there! Is there any way i can contact the owner of starbaks because we're hoping we'll feature their sisig on our food documentary project



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