Monday, November 3, 2014

Vittorio's Steak House: You're Steak House in Kamuning

Let’s just make this plain and simple. If you happen to be in the area of Kamuning/Kamias near EDSA and looking for a place to dine in; you don’t need to go all the way to Tomas Morato because there is a newly opened restaurant called Vittorio’s Steakhouse located along Kamuning Road that serves what I think you are looking for.  I worked in Kamias and every time the group craved for something to eat; Tomas Morato is what we’re thinking; luckily that we spotted this newly open steakhouse and save us the journey of finding delicious cuisine that is right for our pocket.

Chef  Daluz is a supporter of artist from Dolores. If you like the painting decorated in his restaurant , you can actually purchase it and the price is reasonable as well.
Chef Victor Daluz (owner), personally prepares the dishes for that night
 The night was warm and this House Blend Ice Tea is a sure winner. I manage to finish 5 serving of this.
House Blend Ice Tea
 Everything that was prepared that night was a sure winner. I actually was not hungry but the sight of the food that was served made my tummy turn upside  down and wanted to eat.

The crispiness of the lettuce and the dressing is a total match
Chop Noodles Salad - P 190.00

Lemon Buttered Fish Fillet - P385

Crab Shrimp Pizza 
 I didn't know that we could actually use lettuce as toppings for pizza. You will surely love this one
Thai Chix Pizza - P 275

Buttered Garlic Shrimp - P 270.00

Salpicao - P 325.00

Calamares - P 235.00
 The tenderness and the sauce of this Baby Back Ribs will keep you ordering for more rice
Baby back Ribs - P 380.00

Australian Ribeye P 499.00

Pan seared Hanging Tenders - P 445.00

Porterhouse - P 2285.00
Clam Pasta P 320.00

 Banana Split for dessert

Knowing where to eat is a must. We need not go to the usual place cause we will find them if we just look around.

Vittorio's Steakhouse
121 Forab Building, 
Kamuning Road,
Quezon City
Contact Number: 7386564

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