Monday, November 17, 2014

Honey's Kimchi: Kimchi and Everything You Want in a Korean Restaurant

It was my daughter Jem who introduced me to Korean cuisine when she brought home some kimchi. From that day, I was a certified Korean fan, from Chapchae to anything that has a Korean taste on it.  There are lots of Korean restaurant in the Metro but if you’re a mother of five kids, you think twice before indulging with their cuisine.
It was a big break for me when I finally found a place that has that Korean taste and yet didn’t have to give an arm and a leg just to dine. If you’re thinking that Korean cuisine can only be found in exclusive restaurant , better think again because you can get as many as you want.

Let me introduced to you Honey’s Kimchi, and if you are an avid mall goes, then you can find Honey’s Kimchi in SM food courts and other six food courts of different malls. You don’t need to feel intimidated, you don’t need to dress up, and you don’t need a large chunk of money just to get a taste of Korean.

I was with some friend and we ordered as many as we want and share everything along the way. Who could resist their meal that only cost as much as 140/meal, even students can afford this (don’t you think)

Honey’s Kimchi is not just kimchi, they are more than that. Honey’s Kimchi has a wide array of food that’s not only good on your pocket but on you tummy as well.

Spicy Squid (P 120), spicy and yet you will crave for more

Chapchae (P 69), the noodles is the best

Kimchi (P 25), the star of the show, you just have to have this when ever you dine at Honey's Kimchi

Beef BBQ (P 120) just so sweet and tender, order pa ng rice

Pork BBQ (P 120), the meat are tender and the serving are good for two, just order additional rice

Burger Steak (P 99), Korean version

Chicken BBQ (P 120)

Beef Stew (P 140), the sweetness of this this will have you craving for more, lot of rice please

Sukiyaki (P 85), get it while it hot, the sweetness will sway you right away

Bry Ramirez, daughter of the owner, told us a very interesting story about her mother Erlinda Ramirez who used to work as the cashier of the Kimchi restaurant owned by a Korean.  She was willing to learn about everything that after her shift, she would join in the kitchen and practice with the other workers and learn the rope on her own. Her patience and perseverance paid off, since she got to have her own store, that’s Honey’s Kimchi
All the stores are company own but they are now thinking about franchising the store as Bry mentioned.

Bry Ramirez
Honey's Kimchi has branches at: SM North EDSA, EDSA Shangri-La Mall , Robinson's Galleria, SM MOA Hypermarket, SM Hypermarket Mandaluyong, SM City Bacoor and Fisher Mall.

For Franchising 

Honey’s Kimchi

Contact No.: 09178592736
Instagram: @honeyskimchi
Facebook: Honey’s Kimchi

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  1. Wow mami Lariza I remember the sweetness of every dish! =)



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