Monday, November 3, 2014

Brooklyn's Pizza: New Look, New Logo but Same Delicious Taste

I knew it, when I heard the name Brooklyn's Pizza; I know that I had seen it somewhere but the new logo confuse me.  I was able to visit the new Brooklyn's Pizza branch in N. Domingo; the place may have a new design (renovated to give it a new look), the name was changed (slightly) and the new look of the logo. I was really confused by the new logo because it bears a character that I later found out has a meaning to it.  The logo bears an elephant with wings; they explain that the elephant is a symbolic of strength. Legend has it that in an effort to quash the doubts over the Brooklyn Bridge’s stability, P.T. Barnum led a parade of 21 elephants across the bridge headed by a Jumbo the Elephant. The estimated weight of all 21 elephants at that time was 100 tons. Today, the Brooklyn Bridge is the second busiest bridge in New York City with an average 144,000 vehicles cross the bridge everyday which is the same weight as 42,000 elephants.

Poor me, for arriving late to the get together. It was cold that night and lucky me for starting with the delicious squash pumpkin soup. I am an avid fan of pumpkin soup that is why; I'm happy to say that it got what I what in a pumpkin soup; not to liquid and you can really taste the pumpkin.

The Buffalo wing is one of the best-seller,  not to hot for the tongue and the dip is perfect.

Thank goodness, I was able to taste their Meaty and Cheesy Deluxe Pizza, I don’t need to see the whole pizza cause event the slice tells me all what I need to know.  The topping are right and I was inform that it comes in 3 sizes : Manhattan (10"), Queens (14") and Brooklyn's (18") symbolizing the 3 Boroughs.

The white pizza

Managing Director; Johan Sy

with the gang
A business handle with love and care is a sure business.  Secret or no secret, Brooklyn's Pizza is a business that is sure to win your tummy and if you also want to be a part of the family; Brooklyn's Pizza is open for franchising

For franchising:

Mr. Johan Sy
Managing Director, Brooklyn Pizza Company
Phone: 351-0000

Pasong Tamo, Makati (896-9696)
Tomas Morato (376-7676)
Citygolf, Ortigas (633-9999)
Alabang Town Center (850-9999)
BF Paranaque (775-7575)
Robinson's Place Manila (405-0505)
N. Domingo, san Juan (997-7999)
The Annex, SM North EDSA (351-6048).

Instagram and Twitter: @ilovebrooklyns


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