Monday, November 3, 2014

Celebrate National Pasta Month with Al Dente Fans and Mommies

October is National Pasta and I was lucky to be able to celebrate this event with mommies who love to cook and eat pasta.

The day was not all about eating and cooking but a series of information was share as well
The Italian term, “Al Dente”, means “to the tooth” in English. But what it actually refers to is how pasta is perfectly cooked… not too soft and soggy, not too hard. Just right. Al Dente!
Pasta is now commonly prepared using a “Teflon Die Cut”. Die cuts are devices used to shape and trim pasta noodles to the different variants we normally see in groceries and specialty food shops. Variants such as spaghetti, fusilli, fettuccine, and more.

The problem with pasta prepared using a Teflon Die Cut is that the surfaces of the noodles are smoother.  The traditional (and better) way of preparing pasta is through the use of a BRONZE Die Cut. What makes it oh so special? Well, pasta that has gone through the Bronze Die Cut process retains a coarser surface texture. It is this very texture that allows all kinds of sauces to stick to the noodles instead of sliding off. The result? A more flavorful and richer pasta dining experience.

Products of  Fly Ace

Different Type of Pasta

(“Quills” or “Feathers”) - Penne compliments virtually every sauce and are exceptional when paired with a chunky sauce. Penne Rigate are ridged and ideal to lock-in flavor. Penne Rigate pairs nicely with chunky meat, chunky vegetable, cream, or oil based sauces. Also, these shapes are great for baking dishes. Available in 250g and 500g

(“Twisted Spaghetti”) This long, spiraled shape can be topped with any sauce, broken in half and added to soups, or turned into a beautiful salad. Fusilli also bakes well in casseroles. Available in 250g and 500g

from the Italian word feta, meaning ribbon) Fettuccine is great for cream-based sauces. Available in 500g

(“A length of Cord”) – A crowd favourite. Spaghetti is the perfect choice for nearly any sauce, or it can be used to make casseroles or stir-fry dishes. Go beyond tomato sauce and see what your favourite becomes. Available in 500g

(From “lasanum,” Latin for pot) – Create original Lasagna casseroles by using chopped vegetables, cheeses and any kind of sauce. Available in 500g

RJ Ledesma  shares his experience with pasta

RJ Ledesma with Owner of The Blackboard, Chef Michel Cottabaren

 Fettucini with prawn

 Penne with bacon and mushroom
 During the event, mommies were challenge to cook their own pasta dishes
 Here are some of them

 We are also happy to taste what was offered to us that day

It was really a day of food, information and chats with mommies whom I met only during that day but are connected by our passion for food

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