Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spice up your day with the new McSpicy Shake Shake Meal

Chicken ‘N’ Mojos: It is Definitely Awesome Twosome!

Shakey’s recently launched a tri-media activation to highlight the “Chicken N’ Mojos Blowout” campaign. The communication handle focuses on the unique and compelling tandem anchored on a mantra: “Taste the terrific tandem of this totally tempting twosome.”

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lunch time at Bistro Remedios : The Authentic Filipino Restaurant

I was with my group of friends last week at Ermita and when the clock strikes 12 then it only means one thing, its lunch time.  Since we decided to go all Filipino, there’s no other place that the Bistro Remedios

At Bistro Remedios, popular authentic Filipino dishes are given served. The foods are heirloom recipes and the ingredients are fresh.  During our visit, I noticed that there are foreigners enjoying the food as well.  The in house band music is delightful to the ear, that I truly enjoy my lunch. The place give me a homely feeling, from flooring to ceiling, they made sure that it reflects what being a Fiipino all is about

Did I mention that we are having our lunch, hahaha?  Well here are some of them, for my tummy had it all eaten up

Our choice of drinks, i prefer the buko shake

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Do you have time to have the K : Kebabers at the SM Manila

If you think you had enough of the J, M or C, why don’t you try the K, as in Kebabers? It was nice to have a choice of something different than the usual, as they say you don’t want to suffer from taste fatigue.  After a movie or milling at the SM Manila, it would be nice to replenish our energy not only our eyes but our tummy’s as well. But it your gang want different menu then Kebabers is the place for you Kebabers is located at the  4th level at SM Manila they have different dishes that would surely  satisfy not only your tummy but your pocket as well


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