Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chicken ‘N’ Mojos: It is Definitely Awesome Twosome!

Shakey’s recently launched a tri-media activation to highlight the “Chicken N’ Mojos Blowout” campaign. The communication handle focuses on the unique and compelling tandem anchored on a mantra: “Taste the terrific tandem of this totally tempting twosome.”
For the past 38 years, Shakey’s has made its mark by offering iconic products that are unique to the brand. Chicken and Mojos are one of them. This classic crisp, juicy flavour-packed chicken combines well with its equally famous deep-fried potato slices is synonymous to the brand. “Chicken ‘N’ Mojos can only be found in Shakey’s. We have maintained the original recipe for our Guests to enjoy these “awesome twosome” through the years,” says Barbie P. Ocampo, Marketing Manager.  

Chicken n Mojos Blowout has a serving size of 20 pieces chicken and a bunch of mouth-watering mojos complimented with two pitchers of Coke for dine-in. For carry out or delivery, it comes with two 1.5 liter of Coke. The Chicken and Mojos variants are still available in Solo pack (3 pieces), Buddy pack (5 pieces), Family pack (7 pieces), and Party pack (12 pieces).

When it comes to pizza, Shakey’s is it. When it comes to Chicken and Mojos, all the more, it is Shakey’s!

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