Friday, March 25, 2016

Ka Tunying's Cafe and more......

Yes, I see him always on television and he’s good looking as well.

Antonio Talens Taberna, Jr., also known as Anthony Taberna or Ka Tunying, is a Filipino broadcast journalist and radio commentator. At ABS-CBN, Taberna has hosted television and radio programs covering news and public affairs.

But besides being a TV personality, there’s another side of KaTunying that we discover and it located at #88 Visayas Ave., Quezon City

Ka Tunying’s CafĂ© is known for their pasties but it did not stop there and venture to a more place that served the all-day breakfast ranging from the tinapa to pork belly and everything in between

The 2nd floor of the building was totally dedicated rice meals, drinks and other organic meals. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sweet Hazelnut Goodness by Cinnabon Nutella

            Cinnabon Nutella is back! Bring this awesome Cinnabon snack as the absolute match to your planned summer getaway. Taste the joy of this freshly baked Cinnabon roll and keep cool with the chocolate chillata blend.

Take a bite of the Cinnabon Minibon with Nutella Hazelnuts, the newest baked-to-perfection Cinnabon dough with Nutella spread inside, slathered with Nutella, signature cream cheese frosting and hazelnuts bits.

Pair your minibon with a soothing and refreshing chillata drink, the creamy Cinnabon Chillatta, a chocolate-filled frozen Nutella blend that is perfect to quench the heat of the season. Grab the Cinnabon Nutella for Php 95.00 only. Available in Cinnapacks of 4 (Php450.00) and 9 (Php 570.00) in all Cinnabon stores nationwide and experience a Nutella loving craze!


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