Monday, November 10, 2014

Chef's Choice- Smokehouse Burger: Available in a Limited Time Only at CaliBurger

Besides Pasta, burger is my next grub. It’s the time of food that you can get anytime and can be eaten anywhere. But not all burgers are the same; there are certain boundaries as what a burger can offer. Yes, you could say that they have the same ingredients like the bun, the patties, cheese and lettuce; but when it come to the sauce and how they manage to get together all of this ingredients and make it into one that will truly give you the real experience of having that burger; that’s where the real thing will emerge

Now, CaliBurger is launching an extremely special burger called the Chef’s Choice – SMOKEHOUSE Burger crafted by one of the country’s most respected chefs, Chef Robert Pengson.

Chef Rob is father of two kids who owns or co own five restaurant in the Metro that’s why I knew that he is serious when it comes to creating a masterpiece. I got a chance to chat with Chef Rob and he further explains the entire thing that I wanted to know why he created the Smokehouse Burger

The CaliBurger Chef’s Choice – SMOKEHOUSE Burger will be a limited edition offering in both branches from November 17, 2014 to December 17, 2014.

CaliBurger Philippines has been serving “Always Fresh,” mouth-watering, premium burgers that are made only from the purest and freshest ingredients, all hand-selected by experienced chefs. CaliBurger wants their guests to taste the perfectly toasted bun, that juicy cooked to order beef patty, their very own signature Wild Sauce, those crisp hand sliced veggies - each of these components work in symphony with the rest to tickle the taste buds and satisfy that burger craving.

                Driven by the commitment to provide the best, most attentive and friendly customer-service and engagement, CaliBurger has been taking technology by the helm, creating activities such as Cali Quiz Nights at the Timog branch every 3rd Wednesday of the month, MineCraft tournaments, live NBA viewings, as well as private party packages at Century City Mall. Many things are also in the pipeline such as new menu items that are worth breaking that diet for.

To know more about CaliBurger and their offerings, you can visit the stores located at Timog Ave., Quezon City or Century City Mall, Makati City. LIKE us on or FOLLOW us at @CaliBurgerPH on Instagram and Twitter.

About CaliBurger Philippines
CaliBurger Philippines, Inc. (CBPI) started its operations last February 17, 2014 and is part of the IP Ventures, Inc. (IPVI) Retail group that handles other retail brands such as Highlands Coffee Philippines, Kitaro, Pho 24 and Netopia Café.

About CaliBurger International
CaliBurger is an idea born of a passion for all that is California, a place that has always been in the forefront of trends that cross the world.   Our food is inspired by the humble quick serve hamburger.  Our goal wasn’t to reinvent a classic staple, but to honor it by using pure, fresh and simple ingredients.  Caliburger brings together all of our ideas under one roof: great food and attentive, friendly service, forward thinking design, art, music and technology. It is a place under the sun where people gather to eat and take a moment and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

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