Saturday, December 3, 2016

Agos Mall of Asia by Chef Tatung Sarthou

There is a new open entertainement area at the SM Mall of Asia and it houses not only entertainment but good restaurant as well.

The first thing that I notices the mouth watering Paella and I immediately  know that it’s the restaurant that I am looking for.

Agos in Filipino means to be carried away by the current. That's exactly what I felt when I ate their food. I went with the flow of excitement in eating this sumptous food.It brought out a lot of great memories. I remember sitting with my mom and eating great food. That' s the great vibe that I felt when I ate at AGOS. Its a place that you need to visit with your friends and especially family because you need to enjoy that moment together. 

I had a great time talking to Chef Mike "Tatung" Sarthou. There was never a dull moment with him. He dished out interesting facts and trivia especially about spices. I learned something new about the Manila Galleon Trade influences that lasted for 250 years. Everything in the restaurant was well thought of from the caligraphy of the logo, to the interior of the restaurant and even the menu. You will definitely want to as Chef Tatung says Sumabay sa Agos and i believe him because it was good you will come back for more. 

Watch the video and you see for yourself what Gastronomic Feast really is in Agos:

Agos is located at the ground floor of the north wing of the mall near Imax and facing Manila bay. The new restaurant also leads to the Manila-Acapulco Galleon trade museum that will open early next year making Agos a one of a kind dining destination in Manila.

Agos is open every day from 10am to 10pm and can be reached through landline 8891462 or mobile 09162393273.

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