Sunday, May 11, 2014


It’s Mother’s Day and its Sunday, and just like any other Sunday; we attend mass before doing anything else.  It’s bonding time every Sunday; we go to mass and then its mall and eating out. This Sunday, we went to Mister Donut.  They have this ongoing promo for Mother’s day and they can treat me without spending much.

For only 99 pesos.  I got to choose from a delectable Black Forest, a delicious Mocha, or a classic Red Velvet cake inspired creations.  With every purchase of these cake-inspired creations, I also got a cuddly teddy bear. More than the gift, a mom really appreciates the time and effort they took to show me how much I mean to them.  Moms are always thankful that their children know how to treat them right.

Not to leave the small ones out of the mix, Mister Donut has Donut Pops for everyone to enjoy.  With a mini-chocolate cake donut placed on a stick, kids and adults will bring in the summer fun with these convenient and innovative snacks.  At only 5 pesos each, the delightful orange, grape, strawberry, and cool blue frostings are sure to bring on a smile for both parent and child.  Grab a box of 10 Donut Pops for only 50 pesos and let there be fun under the sun or even indoors as well.

So whether you want to bring home an extra special pasalubong for the most beloved woman in your life or you just want to share ingenious donut lollipops that you both can get at such a great price, drop by your nearest Mister Donut now to avail of these exclusive treats. Celebration treats for your mom and Donut Pops for everyone else, it’s always good to bring home that pasalubong from Mister Donut.


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