Sunday, May 11, 2014


Toppings make all the difference.  At Mister Donut, you’ll see why their Fun Tops donut line, with its wonderful assortment of special toppings, really live up to that enjoyable description.  For example, take the much loved Bavarian donut, increase its size and add a chocolate glaze.  Hailed as the Caramel Crush, it will definitely surprise you with its heavenly crushed caramel and honey bits.  That chocolate and caramel combination can really take you on an exceptional food trip.  But wait, take the same Bavarian donut with more donut goodness to enjoy, aptly called the Candy Sprinkles variant, and you’ll see why childhood smiles become quite a welcome throwback as you bite into that pink frosting lovingly coated in sweet candy sprinkles.  It’s just so good and oh, so fun!

Always in that same spirit of fun, the other regular holed donuts have also had a growth spurt of sorts.  Once topped with a blueberry-glaze frosting gently combined with a dash of chocolate caviar, this can amazingly bring out that smile of wonder and delight. This unique offering of the Blueberry Crunch is such an exciting burst of wonderful flavor.  And for all our choconut lovers out there, prepare to indulge in generous helpings of our delectable original pinoy choconut, strategically placed on a choco-glazed treat. Your senses will be taken over by a much welcome Choconut Chunks overload!

There are just loads and loads of donut fun to be had with these Fun Tops exclusively available at Mister Donut.  So, head on down to your nearest branch for a quick snack by trying out Caramel Crush, Blueberry Crunch, Candy Sprinkles, and Choconut Chunks today!   What’s also fun is that it only costs 25 pesos each.  This would be one great “pasalubong” for your loved ones and friends as well.  Yes, the Fun Tops never stop at Mister Donut. 


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