Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cinnabon Mixed Berry Minibon; Bake it and Enjoy it

Today, I got to try my baking skill (well, actually it’s more of following instructions, but still , pinagpawisan ako doing it).  When I received an invitation as to learn how Cinnabon does their famous Cinnabon products, I was just so excited and send a definite yes to the invitation.  Luckily, the branch was so near to my residence that it just took me 10 minutes to get there. Well, I guess I was so excited that  I actually arrived 30 minutes earlier than the time specified. 

As I entered the Podium branch of Cinnabon, I was welcome with the aroma of the cinnamons and it makes my tummy grumble.  To make this tummy quite a bit, I opt to eat some cinnabon sticks.

Well, it’s time to learn a new skill or  let’s start the lesson.  The dough was actually made already and the so the main event begins; do your own mixberry minibon . 

Let's start with the proper outfit, better to be safe 
I need to flatten my dough through the help of this machine
Flatten it again with this rolling pin to achieve the desired thickness

Measuring the dough, I need a 15 x 20 size

Let's put some butter first
Measuring of the secret ingredients, sugar and imported cinnamon powder
Make sure to spread it , 1/3 on the half top , 2/3 to the bottom half, roll the pin lightly to press the powder into the dough

And now, it's time to roll the dough

Cut the roll into 6 equal sized
I need to start from the end part, roll it, press a bit and put it into the tray

Baking time, oven time, wow, ang pawis ko

Putting on the cream cheese on top

Ready to put the mix berry on top

The final product
 The Cinnabon Mixed Berry Minibon is a new fun twist to the traditional sweet Makara cinnamon filled with cream cheese frosting. Now, your Minibon is uniquely combined with lemon, tart berry flavor and plush purple fruit toppings. This Minibon is a burst of flavors with its dough smooth, tender and slightly chewy, a frosting that is grainy and melts evenly, and finally glazed with soft berry pieces for a tangy fruity pie experience.

The delicious berry flavors paired with the exceptional quality of the ingredients used in each Cinnabon product makes for an unparalleled experience.
Cinnabon Mixed Berry Minibon is available for a limited-time-only in all Cinnabon Philippines Stores Nationwide.

About Cinnabon

Founded in Seattle in 1985 and now based in Atlanta, Cinnabon, Inc. is the market leader among cinnamon roll bakeries. The company serves fresh, aromatic, oven-hot cinnamon rolls, as well as a variety of other baked goods and specialty beverages. To get the latest updates, follow Cinnabon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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