Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yuujin Japanese Cuisine : Simplicity at it's Finest

I was not a fan of Japanese food, well that was before, as in along time ago. My daughters who once in a while have time to bond with me loves to eat Japanese food. They introduce me to maki and now my favorite sushi. Every time I attend events or gatherings, I would check if the buffet will serve Japanese food

My love for Japanese food takes me to a lot of discoveries and the latest one, the Yuujin. If you are looking for excellent cuisine without the interruption of modern technology as in the: WIFI” and just want to have time to eat and chat with someone or any one for that matter, Yuujin is the place to be. Located along the Wilson Street, this restaurant has been serving Japanese food for seven (7) long years to a lot of celebrities and yet maintains its simplicity beyond words. I found out that they are the ones who start the life along Wilson Street. Known through its good service and yes, your unusual Japanese raw dishes and many more as they say, keeps their patron coming back for more.

Yuujin is a prominent establishment along Wilson and you know why, here they served the best of everything. I start my dinner with some salmon skin followed by my favorite maki and sushi

Salmon Skin with Dressing P 195.00

Sushi Moriawase ( 7 kinds of Assorted Sushi ) P400.00

Sushi Moriawase ( 5 kinds of sashimi ) P425.00


Hiyashi Soba P215

Vegetarian Roll P120.00

Crazy Maki ( crabstick on top, rolled in tempura flakes )  )270.00

Sukiyaki beef P 275.00

Dessert Tempura Ice Cream P130.00

Coffe Time

The people behind Yuujin
Serving good food has always been their priority

So many dishes and so little tummy, I will surely comeback to taste them again and with additional dishes.

Till we eat again.

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