Monday, September 3, 2012

The Marketplace in Eastwood: Food under one roof

If my children want to hang around and enjoy different kinds of dining experience all-in one location, we usually visit the market place in Eastwood. Located in front of cybermall, the marketplace served arrays of dishes that’s our for tasting. Since my children have different taste when it comes to Food. Eastwood Marketplace is the place for the whole family. The atmosphere is totally different from the usual stiff and formal fine dining establishment, since it’s an outdoor them food joint. What set it apart form other is the delectable dishes and good parking area. No need to worry to where to sit for there are table set fro dining and need not sit on sidewalk which makes your eating time uncomfortable.

Here are foods that you could enjoy. There are also refreshments and dessert that you could sample after each meal courtesy of  Tita Carol's Food Stall, Sbarro, King Shawarma, Moon Leaf, The BBQ Shack, Lemuel'a Pasta, Luigi's Mixed Rice, Balambam Liempo, Daddy Totoy's, Cucina Marina, Lhen Pasalubong, Tess Ihaw, Three Sister's, Aloha Grill, Pasta Boulivar, Buko Shake, Oh My Grill, Jr's Bibingka, Med Chef, Market Place Gulp Station.

The Marketplace is open from 6pm - 3am , Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Happy Eating

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