Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Taste the Bene Difference at Caffe Benne

Drinking coffee has been one of my ways of relaxation. Having a cup of coffee with friends is an enjoyable pastime that I truly cherish.  I usually drink my coffee with a lot of cream and sugar of course, to usually cover up the strong taste of coffee.

Recently, a coffee shop opened at the Eastwood Citywalk 3 last November 29, 2012, Caffe Bene.

Caffé Bene is a Korean coffee chain that started in April 2008 serving excellent coffee, freshly made Liège waffles, Italian gelato and other complementary menus. Since then, Caffé Bene has grown to more than 891 stores making it the Largest and Fastest Growing coffee shop chain in Korea. In fact since it started, almost every other day a Caffé Bene shop is opened – continually even today. Caffé Bene stores have a Vintage European Interior Accentuated by Cute Homey Designs. The store is warm and cozy with bookshelves surrounding the area. You can smell the aroma of coffee and waffles fill the place. The set-up of the tables and chairs are comparatively more spacious than the typical coffee shop. Relaxing music is played in the store.

Caffé Bene serves Medium Roast Espressos – this makes us different from most coffee shops. Unlike the strong bitter taste of dark roast coffee, medium roast coffee is non-bitter therefore you need fewer additives like sugar or cream.

Americano P 105.00

I was able to taste their other offers such as 

Blueberry & Cream Cheeze Waffle P 165.00

Garlic & Cheese Honeybread P 165.00

Caramel Banana Cream Waffle P 145.00

Huge Strawberry Bingu P 280.00
This is good for 4 people

Cheers  to Caffe Bene

Happy Drinking and taste the Bene Difference

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