Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kokoro Ramenya : Ramen and More

Another invitation came up to last week, to join my friends to some ramen adventure.  Located at the 2nd floor of Avenue of the Arts Bldg is the recently open Kokoro Ramenya.  I was expecting that the restaurant would only be serving ramen but I was surprise with the variety of Japanese cuisine they offer. I started my craving for Japanese food two years ago when I tasted my first California maki and from then on, the rest was history as they say.

My friends were already starting with their meal when I arrived, so as not to waste anytime; I tasted what they ordered while waiting for my own.
Kokoro Ramenya did not disappoint me with their Califonia Maki, with 8 pcs per serving priced at P 185. From the presentation up to the taste, they are superb.

As I have said, I love maki and that’s why my next stop is the Tempura Maki. Crunchy combined with the sweetness of the sauce makes me want for more, but there’s a lot taste so I have to stop with what’s in front of me. The price is P 195.00 and I could say that’s its worth every penny.

It’s ramen time. The famous signature Hakata Classic was a bit cold already and ramen are best eaten hot. I was not able to enjoy it but my friend did, so I believe that it’s worth trying next time. What I could say is, the serving is good for 2 priced at P 325.00

Beef  Shoyo Ramen, this I appreciate cause the beef  is tender and the soup  taste great

The Ebi Tempura looks delicious but I find it a little bit oily, I don’t know if its just coincidence that they served it to me that way. I just tried a piece and that’s it.  It’s P 275 per serving.

The Spicy Tuna they ordered was too hot for me to take and was not as appetizing as I expected it to be but then again it’s my opinion. Others may like it thought, the price is P 255.00 per order.

The Yakisoba is a stir fried noodles mixed with fresh seafood, meat and vegetable. I would love it if there are more veggies on it. It’s P 265 per serving

I got to taste a part of the Gyoza, the taste is just right for everyone to enjoy. Crispy on the outside and juicy inside make it worth ordering. It’s P 155.00 per serving.

The Crabstick Salad is all mine, I love the blended flavor and the P 165.00 per serving price is just right for my budget.

Kakiage  Tempura is a go for us, with the superb presentation and crispy texture is all  worth ordering. (  P 155.00)

Seafood Teppanyaki was enjoyed by the whole group (P 345.00)
For dessert, you can choose between the green tea ice cream, the Japanese coffee jelly & ice cream. They recommend the black sesame ice cream and it was worth trying. The vanilla flavor ice cream was enhance by the sesame seed syrup.

Kokoro Rameyan caters to all levels and can accommodate up to 200 guest and accept function but will not close it exclusively for a client. Facing the sunset in the afternoon is worth trying and they have an ongoing promo that extended due to a wonderful response of their loyal client.

Happy Eating

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