Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bistecca : Premium Steak House

Location alone represents something; it could tell you what class it belongs to. If you’re trying to locate a premium steak restaurant, then Bistecca in Rockwell is the one. Located at 122 Joya Rockwell Makati. If you are a steak lover or someone who values the worth of your money when it comes to fine dining then Bistecca is again the answer to that question.  I find Rockwell Powerplant Mall as the haven for high end brands, top restaurant, elegance, class and privacy and all of this criteria surely fits the Bistecca. Bistecca prides itself when it comes to steak; they served only the best cut and the best quality steak that picky eaters usually search. Giving not only good quality steak, Bistecca also provide good service and privacy that event the president of the nation appreciate (the PSG is the one that give away the clue whose dining inside the restaurant).

What this classy, elegant restaurant also pride itself is, the steak they served is good for bonding. The reason for this, their steak is good for sharing. They actually warned their customer not to attempt to eat alone for they will not be liable for the outcome. Their steak are served in big chunk of meat, we could order it done from medium rare to well done.
But don’t worry; they also served a variety of menus that I find delectable and appetizing. Whether you’re young or what ever age, there is something that will suit your palate just like I did.
Dining at Bistecca may leave a big hole in our wallet but dining in Bistecca gives you the satisfaction of knowing your money’s worth.  The experience is worth every penny spent.

122 Joya Rockwell Makati
Tel No 403-5231

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