Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kohsamui Thai Cuisine : North and South Combined

Being adventurous means trying everything that my tang would take me. Located inside the Hobbies of Asia is the Kohsamui Thai Cuisine, their specialty is the authentic Thai yellow curry.

I had tried everything so far, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Pinoy cuisine; so why not Thai cuisine this time. I found out that the restaurant just opened last December and officially open after a 40 day soft opening. From day 1 up to day 40, adjustment were made to suite the demanding taste of the Filipino.
The restaurant was founded by a group of friends who enjoyed travelling and simple food trips. Their visit to the southern cities of Thailand, where dishes are not as spicy as its northern counterpart, opened opportunity to explore a twist in the common notion that curry means spicy.  And they say the rest was history and KohSamui Thai Cuisine is born in recognition of the Koh Samui Island where it all started.

The interior and all what’s inside the KohSamui Thai Cuisine represents Thailand.  From the beautiful decoration to the staff who greets us upon entrance definitely give us the impression that we are in Thailand. Everything that they used was imported from Thailand to make sure that even the littlest thing will not be left unturned.

Together with my friends, I let the adventure begins. When dining on a new restaurant, I make it a point to ask the staff regarding their best seller cuisine on the menu. From the appetizer to the main course and our beverage as well. So here goes my fourteen course meal of the day. Luckily, I haven't had my lunch yet so this will be so easy ( I think).

This Thai Style Three Fungus Salad hit me so hard that I thought it was one of the main courses, priced at P 220/serving. For your information this was given free to the entire costumer upon dining. The fungus is so tasty especially if you combined it with lettuce or the “chicharon” of sort.

Thai Style Chicken Feet Salad (P 320). I didn’t know that you can make a salad out of a chicken foot, but this is definite worth trying. The meat is so chewy and the flavoring is just right.

Deep Fried Lapu-Lapu with Mango (P 1,088.00), fried fish with mango puree will surely tickle your appetite

Deep Fried Shrimp Cake (P 480.00) is one of the cuisines I recommend that you should order.  Shrimp and “Pusit “were blended together to give a tasty cuisine. I could eat it the entire plate if my friends have permitted me, but then they too want the whole thing for themselves

This Signature Chicken Pandan should be eaten immediately so that you could taste all the three flavors it gives. It has a galangal and lemon leaf inside to get rid of the “lansa”. They use the breast part to make it even tastier.

Charcoal Chicken was marinated for 24 hours, another 3 hours and another 45 minutes before it was served. It tastes so wonderful that I was surprised that it only cost P 380.00. With all the preparation it had to go thru, it only means that they served the best to their clients

The Tom Yam Gung that I usually tasted from other restaurant was all spicy to the point that I’m not enjoying it all. Koh Samui Tom Yam Gung (P 550.00) gives me a new meaning of the word; I had my 3rd serving before my friend could talk to me. As in, I keep asking for more. The spiciness is just right, it was sweet at the same time sour, and I’m just lost for word. You just have to order this one and I bet you too will be speechless.

Next came the Barbeque Pork Neck Meat ( P 420.00). I was informed that they use whole pork and just get the left and right meat part and dispose the rest. It was marinated for 24 hours to give the meat a tender character and taste. It good on its own or with the sauce (by the way, the sauce is made from the marinate sauce and was slowly cooked to fit the consistency they want)

Koh Samui Golden Curry Crab (P 1188.00) is not a joke. The entire masterpiece will surely surprise you. The secret ingredient is the coconut milk that was imported directly from Thailand. If you’re thinking you could do this, better think again because there is just cuisine that we cannot duplicate and only Koh Samui Thai Cuisine can deliver it the perfect way. You could eat it with rice or just dip your toasted bread on the sauce.

Cabbage With Bacon

Pineapple Fried Rice 

Lamp Chop, this is the real thing 

Pad Thai

I had so much fun, and you can see it on my lips

Everything is vat inclusive but an additional 10% service charge is just right with the kind of service that they did to us. For take out, they have this cute eco bag that goes with it.

Kho Samui Thai Cuisine
Hobbis of Asia Complex
8421 Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. Pasay City
Tel No. 556 666 - 808 9999

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