Friday, March 8, 2013

Rufo's Famous Tapa A. Venue: Now Open to take your Orders

If I say the word Rufo’s Famous Tapa, you will immediately think of tapa or tosilog or tapsilog right?

We are all familiar with their famous Rufo's Tapsilog when ever we dine in or have our take out at their Rufo’s Famous Tapa Makati in Kalayaan Branch for 29 years which was closed down recently because the landlord no longer renew the lease agreement. Well, wipe our those sad faces of yours because, Rufo’s Famous Tapa found a new home which is bigger and better in A. Venue Mall along Makati Ave.
Rufo's Famous Tapa A.Venue 
Yes, Rufo’s Famous Tapa can now be found in its current location in A. Venue Mall, Makati Ave 24/7. It’s a 2-level restaurant which can accommodate 150 people with multiple aircon and alfresco sections, function rooms for parties and seminars and a 2nd floor balcony. Rufo’s A.Venue commits to maintain the same affordable prices, 24/7 operations and laid-back ambiance of the Kalayaan Ave. store while offering a safer (24-hour Security), more mainstream site beside well-known international cafes and restaurants.

Rufo’s Famous Tapa might have been known for its famous tapsilog ,but there are other dish on the menu that I found interesting and delectable.

First ,  let me serve you my favorite Mushroom Adobo, costing P 104.00. This mushroom adobo can be a viand or a pulutan at the same time. For those turning veggies like me, this is a perfect way to get a taste of abodo minus the meat. Perfect with rice and the serving is good for 2 people.
Mushroom Adobo
Next is my Chopsuey, costing only P 75.00 ( cheaper with the cost of milk tea and yet healthy). Combination of different vegetable, it could served 2 person and perfect with garlic rice. The vegetable still maintain their crispiness and flavorful up to the last bite.


Now , let’s go to my main dish. My Boneless Bangus cost P 109.00 but if you order extra rice, it could still serve 2 people. I love the atchara that goes with it and often order for some extra serving, for I can’t get enough ATCHARA at Rufo’s Famous Tapa. The marinated bangus from Dagupan is a sure hit whenever I dine at Rufo’s. By the way, if your usually ask for extra rice in other restaurant, why not try extra garlic at Rufo’s .

Boneless Bangus

Lastly for my favorite take, the Rufo’s Burger that cost P 45,00. This burger is what my kid usually ask as pasalubong. The patty is just right with the lettuce and all. Hope to try the other variants as well.


For your information, Rufo’s A.Venue opened immediately after the Kalayaan branch closed and while this indeed marked the end of an era, it also signified the beginning of Rufo's rapid expansion through franchising as more stores are geared to open this year. After establishing branches in A.Venue Shaw, Eastwood, Ortigas, Las Pinas, Vito Cruz, SM Makati, McKinley Hill, and Macapagal Ave., more are under construction in SM North Edsa, Retiro, UST and Timog. It’s President, Paul Izon Reyes projects that by April of this year, there will be 15 Rufo’s stores in Metro Manila and nearby municipalities through its Rufo’s Famous Franchise Program. Partnering with Francorp, the World Leader in Franchise Consultancy and with the help of ChinaBank Savings’ supportive SME programs, Reyes plans to have 30 by end of 2013.

With the transfer of the iconic Rufo’s Makati to a bigger and better location, fueled by Reyes’ entrepreneurial spirit, backed by a brand that delivers quality and value, and with the opening of 30 total branches, Rufo’s might just be able to reach that dream, sooner than people think.

For inquiries about The Rufo’s Famous Franchise Program, contact 477-6652, 532-6335 or 533-1446 and look for Lala Alcantara or Ella Rompe. You may also visit their website at

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