Monday, March 4, 2013

Chef Gusto's Pizza Plus : Everything served is at Plus Sizes

They say that we sometimes judge based on what we see this I beg to disagree. Based on my experience you have to have the courage to try or test or get to know one particular something before you say your piece and in this case, the restaurant.
Chef’s Gusto Pizza Plus is located at Concord Bldg. 2020 Salcedo Road cor Benavidez Legaspi Village Makati. The entrance door  is the first thing that I noticed immediately for it was not those I found in regular restaurant that’s made of glass and with all the fancy trimming, this door is made of fine solid wood that welcome every guest that comes in. The entire restaurant is oozing with class, elegance and sophistication and I would not argue if you will feel intimidated. But I have to say that intimidation is the least thing Chef’s Gusto Pizza Plus wants you to feel.  The intimidation stops on the set-up for the food is reasonable and there’s a big Plus that’s waiting for every guest that comes in.

At Chef’s Gusto Pizza Plus, it’s not only the smiling staff that would come to your table. I say this because, there’s this smiling Plus Guy that goes around greeting everyone and asking if there’s anything they need or suggesting what’s the best. Based on my observation, I thought that these customers are his friends, but no; they are clients who feels at home cause the host of the house or in this case the restaurant is there to entertain them.
Our table was not spared from this scenario, for Chef pass to our table and immediately greets us.  One thing that made me smile is when he mentioned that all serving will be based on his size, the plus size.
Village Salad
Now, back let's go back to our dinner.  Its good things that were ten in the group, because with the menus that was served, I don’t think a group of five could finish the dishes.  Every order is good for 2-3 people, and mind you the price is just right on your budget. Everything is prepared upon order that’s and all the ingredients are imported if required to maintain that standard quality that every client expects every time they dine in
Freshly Made Bread With Eggplant Dip
Cheese Lovers /Extremely Meety Pizza - P 650.00
Gourmet Sausage
Creamy Seafood Pasta
Tornufo Pasta
Grilled Mediterranean Marinated Chicken
 And remember, don’t just base your order on the menu, for they could prepare that you fancy asking, what ever dish that may be that you crave for. The reason for this is, Chef Pasto worked in a celebrity cruise for so many years and entertains thousand of guest and he made sure that he served them well.

Chef Pasto

Chef’s Gusto Pizza Plus
Concord Bldg.
2020 Salcedo Road cor Benavidez St
Legaspi Village, Makati
Tel No. 478-2941/ 09175267891


  1. Looks so delicious! :-) I would love to drop by and try out their food :-) this leaves me hungry :-)

    Divine Grace Bongolan

  2. count me in
    Dianne Salonga

  3. Thanks Lariza!
    Tin Gonzaga

  4. How many years na po ang Chef Gusto's Pizza Pasta Plus dito sa Philippines? Sino po ang founder? Since I'm a PizzaPasta lover I wanna try Chef Gusto's special Pizza and Pasta.

    Thank Ms. Lariza

    Kimberly Nieves

  5. Hope to join you in your next food trip.

    Vance Madrid

  6. Hoping to join as well.

    Rica Madrid

  7. Wow, can I join your next food review?

    Thanks! :)

  8. Nice foods, nice place, perfect ambiance! Can I join?

    Here are my mine:







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