Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ponder No More: Get You're Pon de Ring at Mr. Donut Cafe

From Japan to the Philippines, the ring of chewy, fluffy, irresistible little balls know as Pon de Ring is now being served at Mr. Donut Café. Outside, it looks liked a ring of donut balls stuck together, but inside the slightly crunchy exterior is something words can’t explain.  When I heard that the Pon de Ring is chewy, my question is “How can you make a donut chewy”. Well Mr. Donut Café is serving Pon de Ring, so it can be done. But just because Mr. Donut Café can do it, it doesn’t, mean that others could do it. Mr. Donut is the only who could give their donut that chewiness and it’s a secret ingredient that I can’t find out because, if I did find out about it then I’m dead (just joking).
 Different Flavors to Choose From:

I’m so lucky to be able to witness how Pon de Ring is prepared and when I felt that chewy thing in my mouth, oh boy.  I will just let you imagine how it feels to have that piece of donut in my mouth. Well, why imagine when you can have a taste as well.

Starting Mar. 15, 2013, Mr. Donut Philippines flagship store will serve Pon de Ring at Greenhills Shopping Complex branch.

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