Wednesday, March 20, 2013

IFC : I Food Card , the Ultimate Card for Dining

We love to eat buy why stop there when you can get more while dining.Restaurant now a days offer different rewards that goes with our dining. But it would be more wonderful if you could hold onto a single card for all those famous restaurant and with different cuisine as well. 

For more than a decade now, I-Foods Inc. has been taking Filipinos on a gastronomic journey.  Its portfolio of restaurants offers diners a taste of world cooking at reasonable prices.  When I-Foods Inc. president BRYAN TIU opened his first concept restaurant in 2001, it was to be the first in a number of fast casual restaurants he was to develop in the coming years.  These restaurants brought to a bigger market segment what were then considered to be expensive concepts.

TERIYAKI BOY, TOKYO CAFÉ, STACKERS BURGER CAFÉ, PERI-PERI, KOGI BULGOGI PARMIGIANO RISTORANTE PIZZERIA, they now have a common denominator as they say with I-F. Enjoying these world-class dining becomes even more exciting with the soon to be launched I-F CARD- your guarantee to a great dining experience coupled with big savings.

Whether you have a craving for Tokyo Café’s hot or iced coffee beverages, Stackers customizable premium burgers, Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken’s Peri-Peri Chicken, Kogi Bulgogi’s beef bulgogi and bibimbap, or Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria’s Napoletana-style pizzas, you will surely enjoy these treats at a bargain with your I-F card.

In just a decade, I-Foods Inc. has become a leading purveyor of fast casual dining concepts in the country.  The company assures Filipinos that they get to taste the best in the world at reasonable prices in a setting to rival those of high-priced exclusive restaurants, a win-win situation for all diners.

For more about I-Foods and their restaurants check out these Facebook Pages: tokyocafephilippines; stackersburgercafeph; peripericharcoalchicken; kogibulgogi; parmigianopizzeriaristorante

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