Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Espressemente Cafe : Hot or Cold , It's the sure way to a Good Coffee

A good coffee seems to be the best way to end a feast. It seems I’m becoming addicted to coffee now a day. With so many variants to choice from whether hot or cold, Espressamente is a good place to go. Espressemente located in Rockwell is one of the four branches that you could find in the Metro. Placed near some of the other coffee shop, this dainty café reflects elegance and class. With an outdoor ambiance and comfortable setting, having a cup of coffee is a sure delight. I’m not surprised that even celebrities dine in Espressemente..  I was having a hard time choosing what to drink that we decided to let the smiling staff served their best. I got to taste almost everything that was put in our table. We shared everything for us to be able to get a taste of the best from Espressemente.

Sansrival                                         - P 145.00
White Chocolate Cheese Cake   -  P 195.00
Tiramisu Cake                                - P 290.00
Macaroons                                     - P 165.00
Canoli                                              - P 130.00
Pure Pistachio                                -P 135.00
Chocolate Obsession                    - P 120.00
Cappucchino                                  - P 135.00
Caffe Latte                                     - P 135.00
Morochino Freddo                      - P 170.00

Half Half                                        - P 185.00
Amore                                           - P 135.00
Strawberries & Cream               - P 195.00
Nutty Nutella                              - P 175.00

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