Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Toblerone Comes Up Big in the “Lambing” Department

Together with esteemed storytellers Twee Gonzalez, Gang Badoy-Capati and Saab Magalona, Toblerone brings back the “lambing” in a big way with the Toblerone Oversize Gift Bar

Everyone has a Toblerone memory -- that "stateside" gift you received as a child, the "courtship chocolate" you got in high school, the giveaways you gave to your nephews. It is a treat that lends itself sweetly to the giver's sentiments.

As the season of giving draws near, Toblerone, the legendary triangular chocolate from Switzerland, has invited three unique voices to a storytelling session -- columnist and entrepreneur Twee Gonzalez; RockEd founder and writer Gang Badoy-Capati; and actress and blogger Saab Magalona -- to share their personal vignettes on Pinoy “lambing”. Whether as a daughter, partner or observer, the storytelling session tackled questions such as: How has Pinoy lambing evolved from the so-called Baby boomer generation to today's millennials? Do today’s online chats carry the same weight as the handwritten notes of an earlier generation? How does technology divide and bridge, and does Pinoy “lambing” still speak the same language?

Toblerone Dark Chocolate

Toblerone White Chocolate

 Toblerone Milk Chocolate

Toblerone Philippines rounds up such stories and personal Toblerone memories to remember how we used to express affection, celebrate the present ways we've found that work just as well, and to invite Filipinos to join a campaign to "Ibalik ang lambing” –- because if there's something that the world can never have enough of, it would be love and well, chocolates.

For Gang, Toblerone inadvertently played a part in reevaluating relationship choices she once made in her youth. For Twee, Toblerone reminds that a lifting of mood and spirit can be a chocolate bar away -– especially if this comes from a loved one. And while Gang and Twee find themselves associating their fondest Toblerone memories with friends and romantic figures, Saab relates these to family, and how as a rebellious teen, she could find calm in taking a bite out of a chocolate bar, focusing on that moment’s treat.

“We are proud to have esteemed storytellers such as Gang, Twee and Saab join us in our campaign to bring back more ‘lambing’ in the everyday moments of Filipinos. Everyone could use a little more love and sweetness in our lives. To have such three incredible women help get the word out on deliberate gestures of affection inspires our  launch of the Toblerone Oversize Gift Bar –- an ideal holiday gift for your loved ones, truly a classic expression of ‘lambing’,” said Fren Lagman, Toblerone Philippines Brand Manager.

“We are also thrilled to announce that every weekend starting now until December 16, we will be bringing the ‘lambing’ closer to our customers with the launch of our Toblerone Gift Hubs, which will be opened in major malls around Metro Manila. Not only can customers purchase their favorite Toblerone variants and have them personalized and gift-wrapped for their loved ones, but customers will also have the chance to win one of the 50 4.5kg Toblerone variant for every Php 100 single receipt purchase. Bringing back the ‘lambing’ has never been this easy!” adds Lagman.

For more information on Toblerone and to know where you can find your nearest Toblerone Gift Hub, visit www.facebook.com/TobleronePilipinas.

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