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Gaudi and Tapella Rolls out 14 New Dishes

For more than a decade, Gaudi has been revered as the restaurant that serves authentic Spanish cuisine. From bustling Jupiter St. to posh Ayala Malls like Greenbelt and Serendra, diners keep coming back for its Paella Negra (paella made with squid ink) and Chulleton Villagodio (certified Angus beef prime rib grilled according to the methods of Villagodio). In 2009, tapas, paella, and more took centerstage in Tapella where customers indulged in chorizo alvino (chorizo stewed in red wine), cojunodos (fried quail egg, pimiento and jamon Serrano), Manchego Cheese and Shrimp paella, along with a range of impeccable wines.

Executive Chef Alexandra Cacho continues to enhance the dining experience in her restaurants as she presents new gustatory delights that reflect the new trends in Spain.

Chef Xandra as she teaches bloggers how to prepare a Sangria

“New things are happening in Spain and I want to share it here. I only serve the best for my customers. I even bring some ingredients from my native land to my restaurants,” explains the affable chef. Known for her constant innovation and meticulous use of the freshest and best ingredients here and abroad, Chef Xandra happily shared that she recently added 14 dishes in Gaudi and Tapella. 

Tartar de Tomate

Taste the bursting flavor of organic tomatoes of her Tartar de Tomate. The sweet and succulent tomatoes sitting on Malagos cheese and caramelized walnuts, are perfectly crowned with lettuce, lollorossa, and shrimps, then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and added with a little bit of balsamic vinegar. The Ensalada Tempura on the other hand is a reflection of how the Japanese way of cooking has made its way in Spanish cuisine. Chef Xandra decided to add an Asian twist to it by spreading a pleasantly tempered taste of wasabi dressing on top of the tempura shrimps alongside the fresh mesclun and arugula from the farms in Tagaytay.

Plato de Pintxos Frios

 Plato de Pintxos Calientes 
Tapas will always be a perennial favourite in Donostia and Chef Xandra wants her diners to indulge in an array of eight selections in each plate. For those who like hot tapas, the Plato de Pintxos Calientes has calamares, chorizo, croquetas béchamel, sobresada de quezo manchego, purusalda, tigres, champi, and pollo moruno. For those who prefer cold tapas, order the Plato de Pintxos Frios and indulge in cucumber, sardines, pulpo, cojonudos, gazpacho, veruta, agustin, and baine. Another bread- based dish to look forward to is the veal cheeks stew on crusty bread. Chef Xandra shares that the Spanish eat a lot of carilladas so she used imported veal in her Entrepanes de Carilladas.

Huevos Estrellados con Jamon y Pimientos
 Egg lovers will surely delight in the Tortilla Abierta con Chorizo, an open-faced omelette with chorizo. Also try the Huevos Estrellados con Jamon y Pimientos, a famous dish in Spain. To eat it, use your spoon and fork to make a criss-cross cut of the eggs and potatoes. Watch the yolk spread out until it seeps through the bottom and coats the potatoes. The crispy Serrano ham and peppers complement it so well that it seems like a comfort food all-together.
 Fideua Negra

Remember the famous Paella Negra?  This time, she made a black squid pasta called Fideua Negra. The fine wheat noodle pasta is cooked with lemon and added with bite-sized squids and shrimps. It is topped with aioli sprinkled with chives, along with cream dory coated with batter. Eating it is so addicting that diners don’t mind smiling with the squid ink on their lips. The Fideua Negra has that savory and tangy taste in every bite, reminiscent of the gastronomic delights of Catalonia.

 Mar y Montaña
Want more seafood? Choose the Gambas Mikel, a spin-off the Fideua Negra, but this time the shrimps are enveloped in blank ink batter then dipped in aioli. If one opts for a classic, try the Lomo de Mero a la Plancha or grilled Chilean seabass served with mixed vegetables. For surf and turf, the Mar y Montaña is a plateful of grilled steaks and prawns served with French beans, carrots, zucchinis, potato gratin, and béarnaise sauce. 

Gaudi and Tapella is one of the few restaurants that serve Pollo Moruno con Couscous, a dish that reflects the Mediterranean and Moroccan influence in Spanish cooking. Couscous is popular in Southern Spain. Even the children there love eating couscous, a healthier alternative to rice. Chef Xandra’s Pollo Moruno con Couscous has almonds, raisins, onions, and Moorish chicken―a flavorful creation that will surely delight even the most discerning diners.
 Rabo de Toro

Another must-try is the Pollo Pedro Ximenez. Instead of pairing it with dessert, Gaudi and Tapella creatively made this sherry into a sauce so that each bite of the chicken is packed with its sweetness, beside strips of carrots, potatoes, and zucchinis. Slow cooked imported ox tail, pour a good red wine, and add some saffron. The succulent meat of the Rabo de Toro is another specialty waiting to be had, served with fries and carrots.

Mille Crepe P 155.oo

Chocolate X P155.00

Tocino del Ceilo ( Egg Yolk Mousse) P 90.00

Tarta al Ron ( Rum Butter Cake) P 150.00

Enjoy these new dishes each time you visit Gaudi and Tapella. Trust a Spanish chef with years of kitchen experience to bring authentic Spanish dishes to feast with family, friends, and business partners.   For inquiries and reservations, call (02) 757-2710 or 856-0473.

Gaudi is located at the Ground Level of cosmopolitan Serendra in Taguig while Tapella at Ground Level of Greenbelt 5. Both restaurants offer a patio for those who want to be seen and the large booths inside good forpower talks and intimate chats. Surrounded by top business offices, theatres and high end shops, it makes an ideal spot for a quiet coffee, a fashionable lunch or a romantic dinner.

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