Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Sandwich Guy: Big Sandwich, Pasta and More..........

It was a midday rush hour and I found myself starving at a crowded mall. Glancing elsewhere gave me an option to a variety of fast food chains labeled to have an image that would quench your thirst blended with a deep fry sumptuous meal. But then again, as a mother, I never give in to these kinds of options. Healthy and simply food would be top of my decisions despite my stomach would call for it

The Sandwich Guy located at SM Megamall

 In a glimpse of a well lit and appealing little space, I gave in to a fresh and lavish baked potato, along with a splendid HBLT hexagon sandwich and a carbonara that left an impression as my favorite.
Ham, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, all in for only P 80.00
not to mention the healthy  wheat bread

Creamy Carbonara, with white sauce,ham and cheese for only P 80.00
so loved the aldente spaghetti noodles  and the rich creaminess of the sauce. With the microwaveable canister for my convenience even if I wanted to eat  while walking. 

Cheesy Bacon Baked Potatoes , for P85.00 you can have the bacon and melted cheese over thick sliced potatoes 
As I could feel my hunger slowly blown away, I could not help but be amaze of how significant this product is. Not only centered for someone who has the money but it also goes with it a reasonable price for everyone craving for a healthy food in this instant and unhealthy generation. Yes, I have preferential choice on food that is healthy and fresh at the same time.

The traffic that manila brings, its rush hour, its chasing meetings that go along with it… is face with this remarkable contemporary mini resto they call “THE SANDWHICH GUY”

Fresh….., sumptuous……, delicious….., yummy……., tasty….all goes with it …….so what are you waiting for…grab one now and feel every detail of my experience…hhhmmmmmmmmmm,…..

Additional things I want to share to you guys .............
The staff make sure that they served with the highest quality of service by demonstrating proper hygiene by wearing sufficient garments , gloves complete with mask

This stall caters to all generations, as I munch my food, a long line of XYZ generations keeps coming to savour their fresh not fried big healthy sandwich and a lot more.....

Don't underestimate what this kiosk can provide you. with their affordable menu. Minimal in space but maximum production to their clients is what I observed

You can checked all their kiosks outlet through their website http://www.thesandwichguy.com/
or check their facebook account. https://www.facebook.com/Thesandwichguy?fref=ts

A little information with regards to The Sandwich Guy

 The Sandwich Guy is quick-service restaurant dedicated to serving fresh and healthy sandwiches. The very first store was launched in Robinsons Cybergate Tower in Mandaluyong on January of 2008 and rapidly expanded into 10 more branches by the end of 2009. They  are a fast-growing company dedicated to serving delicious sandwiches at an affordable price and promoting a healthy lifestyle for young and dynamic people.

The Sandwich Guy offers whole wheat sandwiches using various deli ingredients with a price range of 70-100 pesos. We only use fresh, organic and healthy ingredients in our sandwiches. Our menu also includes pasta, salad, baked potatoes and fruit smoothies. Our menu is basically aimed to satisfy the demand for non-rice based meals.

All of our branches are designed to have an open kitchen that allows our customers full and complete view of the preparation of their sandwich as our personal guarantee of the freshness of our products and cleanliness of our store.

So Guys, HAPPY EATING .....................

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