Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baja Mexican Cantina: Where Grande are being Served

I love nachos, with all the chili beef on top and creamy cheese, but when I got to taste the burrito a friend offer to me two years ago; my view of the total Mexican food change.

Baja Mexican Cantina is located at the 3F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati and they served the biggest Grande Tortilla Caesar Salad and the heavenly Grande Burrito in town.

First thing first, I want to suggest how to eat the Burrito
  1.  Gently pulls the foil from one end of the burrito.
  2. Peel of about 2-3 inches of the foil and enjoy
  3. Repeat as needed to finish

But, if you want to have this Burrito, very well then; please suggest how to handle it
Super Grande Burrito P 395.00
Grande Torilla Salad P 265.00
As the time goes by, the familiar dishes keep coming in and oh my, I look like a six month old pregnant woman after the fantastic feast.

So love this Frozen Ice Tea P 95.00

Mango Shake P 125.00

The best way to eat this Chili Taco Salad is to mix all of them, crack the tortilla, expect explosion P245.00

Soft Tortilla  for my Cheese Quesadillas , pick your choice form Chicken/Chorizo/ Carne Asada
P 185.00

Mini Burrito, so you could taste everyone of them, choice of veggies/chicken/beef

For Sweet Dessert
Warm Tortilla Soup, love the Tomato Base and the Crunchy Tortilla P 155.00

Regular Texas BBQ Pork P 195.00

DBL Soft Tacos, I want them all, the Baja Fish , Carne Asada, Chicken
 P 185.00
If you’re looking for a place that will give you that authentic Mexican place, where everything was a labor of love, then Baja Mexican Cantina is the place for you. The ambience is so cool, the lighting was blast; not so dark and not so bright, just enough for you to appreciate the beauty of the place. The interior is so colorful, with those wooden tables and comfortable chairs; you will surely love the design in each table.

Anyone care for an authentic Margarita Mojitos 

And if ever you need to watch a movie, don’t worry for they deliver this feast at your own seat of the Greenbelt movie house. Yes they do deliver, just call 87878 and you’ll have your special Mexican food at your fingertips.

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Follow them on twitter: @BajaGB3


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