Sunday, December 15, 2013

Say It Best With Mrs Fields

Say It Best With A Giant Cookie From @mrsfieldsph 
The all-time favorite cookies, nibblers, brownies, muffins, and mini muffins that come in Christmas-themed gift canisters and special boxes will save you from the hassle and worries of finding a perfect edible gift. There are also the Christmas Biscuits (new!) and the Big Cookie Cakes (a must try!) that can be personalized with heartwarming messages. Each bite of these goodies will remind you how merry your Christmas can be. 


When at a loss on what exactly to give this Christmas, choose between P100 or P250 Mrs. Fields’s gift voucher. It’s a must have for the holiday to come. Give them out and let your loved ones pick the present they want to have.

As the Yuletide comes closer, every sniff of the air is a reminder that it’s about time you get a Mrs. Fields catalogue and choose which gift offerings suit best even before the Christmas rush kicks in. Give your friends, relatives and colleagues a treat worth splurging for. After all, isn’t it what this season is all about?
Cute Christmas Tree Themed Cupcake from @mrsfieldsph

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