Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A day of festivity; a day of eating

Dec 24, 2013 was declared holiday by the government. I thought that I would at least spent half of this day sleeping since I already did the grocery and everything that’s needed for the night festivity, the Noche Buena. But I was wrong, cause even when I was still dreaming; I could already hear the busy sounds of something and smell of cooking.

With my morning glory and all, I went down the stairs to see dishes filling up ready for washing.
My daughter was busy in sitting in one corner, holding a bowl and mixing it with all her strength (as if it was needed). A pan is being heated and was waiting for the pancake mixture to be poured.
Pancake mix

Pancake mix with Clara Ole Pancake Syrup

Pancake with Clara Ole Straberry Jam and Pancake Syrup
Don't mess with the hungry cook

Since I was already up, I decided to just prepare additional food for breakfast.

Macaroni Soup

And why not there, since lunchtime is just a few hours away. Let's get going while the pans and pots are still hot.

Chicken Afritada

And for dinner time, Noche Buena

Creamy Spagetti with Clara Ole Three  Cheese Pasta Sauce
Nothing was spared, all was wiped out and not a single thing was left during the day of festivity.

Thank to my reliable partners in the kitchen, to my ingredients, to Clara Ole Pasta Sauce, Clara Ole Pancake Syrup, Clara Ole Tomato Sauce, El Real Pasta and El Real Macaroni

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