Friday, December 13, 2013

Berghoff at The Fundamental Kitchen

I was invited to attend the Media Launch of Eat Your Heart Out. It was sponsored by BergHOFF and it was held at The Fundamental Kitchen. The company has a very neat and cozy kitchen in Rada, Makati. It was filled with kitchen tools and equipment, from the hand tools such as knives and spoons to the bigger ones like pots, pans and even induction cooker.

Chef Michelle Adrillana is the chef and owner of Flavors on Fire Catering Services which specializes in International dishes. The pretty chef is also a mom to two active kids, and a wife to a hubby who happens to be a doctor  She is a picture of a fulfilled woman – mom, wife, and with a career that she loves doing – preparing and sharing her best-tasting dishes to a diversified clientele.

This cookware set is what made our astonishing success across the country. Thanks to its unique thermometer, you will learn a great deal about how to cook amazing healthy meals. You will learn how to keep all the nutrients and vitamins in the foods you eat every day. You will be impressed by the simplicity of its use. Made out of cromotanium surgical stainless steel, this cookware is very easy to clean and will last you a lifetime.

This cookware captures and saves the heat, therefore making you save time and money. Induction ready, this set goes on any type of stove. Do yourself a favor and book yourself today to one of their culinary presentations in order to discover how to make amazing healthy meals in the comfort of your home. 

Chef Michelle Adrillana conducted a cooking demonstration which showed the versatility of Berghoff.


Here are some of the products of BergHOFF:


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