Monday, May 20, 2013

Have Some We Time with Rossi Swee Red Wine

I learned that wine is intended for sharing specially if you’re with the company of you’re friends. It was a sweet night last May 16,2013 at The Gallery,Richmonde  Hotel, Eastwood  as we share a night of good music, good food, good company and good wine.
As we enjoy the night thru our Karaoke galore with co-bloggers and friends, we also enjoy a glass of sweet wine with Rossi Sweet Red.

 Rossi Sweet Red, a sweet red wine crafted from grapes grown in California’s sun-drenched vineyards and bursting with flavor and aroma, as our perfect companion for making every “get together ” more fun and remarkable. It has layers of vanilla, bright cherry and wild raspberry flavors, creating a different kind of sweetness.

The best way to get together with friend and loved ones is over fine food and good wine.  A glass of good Rossi Sweet Red wine can create a difference in every celebration. As it denotes grandness, having wine can make even very simple occasions unforgettable. Getting together with family and friends or ‘we-time’ is equally important and can be just as relaxing.
Every “we-time” can be made more memorable with Rossi Sweet Red. “‘We time’ can be made sweeter. Rossi Sweet Red is best suited for the Filipino palate—a different kind of sweet but still real red wine.”

Apart from its unique sweetness, Rossi Sweet Red proves it goes well with any celebration. Not only can it be paired with nearly any kind of food, but may be enjoyed—on-the-rocks—making it a great alternative to regular beverages (e.g. sodas, juices, iced tea). We’re used to partnering food with sodas or any cold sweet beverage so sweet red wine is a natural progression. Its sweetness and appropriate alcohol content, plus the cooling sensation of ice cubes make Rossi Sweet Red on-the-rocks your drink for ‘we-time’.
“We-time” provides a chance to create shared experiences and stories with friends and loved ones that stand the test of time. Collective memories are made in every “we-time” spent. Make sure that these are good and happy recollections. Celebrate and cherish them the best way possible, with Rossi Sweet Red.

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