Friday, January 25, 2013

NAPA Restaurant & Bar : American-Italian Dining at it's Finest

It’s been a month since I got know new bloggers from the recent Filipino Blogger’s Worldwide Eyeball. We decided to a post Christmas Event last Jan. 24, 2013 at the Napa Restaurant & Bar located at Quezon City. We want a casual dining restaurant that serves American-Italian food.

The interior is so cozy that it reflects a homey ambiance that we truly enjoy. The brick oven located at the far end of the restaurant immediately caught my eye.

You will surely love rolling your Vegetarian Panizza with the aragula and alfalfa spouts
I  could not help myself  but ask for more

I love pizzas and have it cooked on a brick oven gives a taste and aroma that is surely a feast to my tang. Napa’s best selling pizzas are cooked in a brick oven similar to authentic Italian pizzas sold in Rome around the area of the famous Sistine Chapel and the Fontana di Trevi. For the first guest, highly recommend are the Napa Special , which is a hand tossed pizza with homemade Italian sausage, bacon, pepperoni, ground beef, red & green bell peppers, black olives, onion rings and mushrooms, and the Cinco Formagio topped with mozzarella swiss, cheddar, native white and blue cheese.

Other favorites include the Pasta Gamberi (plump shrimp’s sautéed “gambasstyle” over spaghetti noodles), Beef Cabernet with Mushroom Risotto(slowly braised beef in red wine reduction served with creamy mushroom risotto), Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter Beurre Blanc (fresh grilled salmon topped with creamy lemon butter sauce and served over light pasta and grilled vegetables), Sicilian Chicken (juicy chicken breast marinated in a blend of spices grilled to perfection and topped with fresh salsa) and the Napa Baby Back Ribs, (“fall off the bone” ribs slow cooked in barbecue marinade &baked until tender) 
Group Photos

The restaurant also has function rooms with a wide selection of plated and Buffet packages for private parties, seminars and events.So for a cozy patio dining experience with delicious food, friendly service and Affordable prices.

Visit Napa Restaurant & Bar located at #12 Scout Borromeo Street, QC. (Contact Nos. 4148272 / 0922-8307983)

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