Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My 1st Shabu-Shabu Experience at Typhoon Restaurant and Bar

My love for eating has given ways to many adventures. Trying out different cuisine and ways of cooking has leaded me to so many hotel and restaurant from different part of the metro. My adventure leads me to Typhoon Restaurant and Bar where the shabu-shabu is the main star. I had always been curious about this type of dining, the shabu-shabu way.

Typhoon Restaurant and Bar can easily be located since it place in the heart of Makati, at Unit 201-203 2nd Floor The A.Venue Events Mall Makati Ave to be exact. I was expecting to make a fool of myself since this is my first time to dine in a shabu-shabu restaurant. Thanks to all the smiling attendant who had help me get through the whole dining experience.

My story starts with finding the location. Typhoon Restaurant and Bar had a big signage out that I know you too wouldn’t miss. The restaurant was elongated which give me and all the clients the full outside view.

The tables are in U shape, unlike the table setting that I saw in most shabu-shabu restaurant. The reason for this set-up was discuss during the dinner, it was apparently for the benefit of the dining client. For the whole group to be able to interact more with one another was the reason given by one of the owner.

Since I’m new as I said, a smiling server was there to help us cooked our dinner. She patiently asks what type of soup I would prefer, a choice of 26 soups was at the menu.

There’s also the question of what sauce would she served since there are nineteen type of sauce that I could choose from. 

My choice of sauce

Spicy Sauteed Chicken Hot Pot

  Choice grills of seafood like squid, shrimp, fish fillet, oysters; meats like Angus beef, beef-wrapped enokitake, marinated boneless chicken, sausages;

Vegetables like bean sprouts and chicken mushroom

Australian Beef or Seafood golden, pearl or chicken mushrooms,

The main event happened when I had selected my soup base, I had to choose between meat and seafood, and then choose the type of noodles, vegetable and ball that will complete my shabu-shabu. I also have to choose between grilling and boiling for the main course.

That’s basically all and I was ready to enjoy my shabu-shabu. So easy and fun, never thought it would just a 1-5 steps.

It’ was truly an experience that’s worth trying, together with my family or barkada.

With Typhoon Restaurant and Bar, no will never be a first timer in shabu-shabu way.

Typhoon Restaurant and Bar

Unit 201-203 2nd Floor The A.Venue Events Mall Makati Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

Tel no. (632) 9196763 or (632) 9196764


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  2. It's funny I don't recall if we ever had Shabu-Shabu before, but it would be nice to experience it (again?)




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