Friday, July 6, 2012

San Marino Yellow Fin Tuna Gift Set

Just got home from the office and there’s no time to cook luckily we still have some stock of my ever reliable San Marino Yellow Fin Tuna. When you have children that are so health conscious, you have to be careful in choosing your goods from the supermarket. We never get run out of stock of San Marino Corned Tuna or the Healthy Line.

Whether you make a different dish out of the San Marino Corned Tuna or just have it right from the can, you still get that nutrition from the Omega 3.


The good news is there’s a gift set worth PHP 320 per set and is available in the supermarket.
Here’s my own set and hope I could post again all the recipes that I made with my San Marino Yellow Fin Tuna Fillet

It's only available in a limited time , so better hurry to your nearest supermarket and get your own gift set

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