Friday, July 13, 2012

Chef's Quarter Restaurants Catering Services

I was at the Chef’s Quarter Megamall last July 3, 2011 for a lunch meeting , I find the dishes not only delicious  but it pass the normal serving sizes that I usually find in the metro.
The Only Thing Thats Expensive Is Your Taste

I cann't ask for more for I was able to join the others during the launching of Chefs Quarter Restaurants Catering Services. The grand food tasting event was held at 500 Events Pavilion in Mandaluyong last July 5, 2012. The want to share the dining experience of their loyal customers to others by  prepareing meals outside their restaurants.  The catering service could accommodate meal for any occasions and can prepare from 30 to 3,000 people depending on the venue.

A business that was started by  Mr. Larry Corte and Executive Chef Mauro Arjona Jr.  just to sustain the operation of their existing restaurant.  A business that now expands to a new horizon.
Serving with a Smile

Cuts for your Delight

Assorted Pastries

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The package starts at P550+ and can go up to P 1800+ depending on the  standard packages that the clients wants to avail.  There’s also the sit down meals ranging from P750 to P2000  which could be customize depending on the clients budget and preference. They could choose from the samplers that the Chefs Quarter will present. Cuisines ranges from local Pinoy favorite to oriental and western dishes.

For more information and inquiries on catering packages and services
Chefs Quarter : (02)3813449/(02)3817716
Or any of their restaurant branches
Wine Bar Kuse
Uncle Cheffy Beurre Blanc
Old Vine Grille

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