Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Lunch Buffet Attack at Bayview Hotel

It’s been years since I visited the Bayview Hotel, that’s why nothing can stop me for revisiting the place one more. Battling my way through the heavy traffic and downpours of rain, I manage to get in at around 11:00 am where I prepared myself to attack …….. Buffet Attack.
The Bayview Coffee Shop is located at the hotel’s main lobby. You could easily find your way thru the beat of your stomach, for it serves sumptuous dishes for its lunch buffet.  The place gave a relaxing feeling of home and Filipino atmosphere.
Just a piece of advice, be sure to have an empty stomach for you to enjoy all the delicious cuisine that Bayview Hotel Offers.  For only P450, you will enjoy the entire lunch buffet. I had 3 rounds of the main meal before I got myself to go for the dessert.

Since it was a cold weather, I decide to start with the Tinolang Manok (Chicken Ginger Stew), not only it warms my tummy but boast my appetite as well. The flavor was just right and the smell of the dahon ng sili was enough for me to start my Buffet Attack.

For the main event, I started with the Paksiw Na Pata (Pork legs with Knuckles and Banana Blossoms).  Not too salty and have the right tenderness.  Malinamnam is the word I would like to use; I believe that it was slowly cooked to get that kind of taste. I had to return for the second time to make sure that tasted it fully.

I love ginataan food, there is something to this dishes that would make you crave for some more. That’s why when I saw that there’s Ginataang Tambakol (Makerel in Coconut Cream), I made sure it goes straight to my plate. The gata was so perfect that would not taste any lansa as we say. 

It seems that I don’t need to say to you that I’m a veggie person. A Pinakbet fanatic you could say, with the right crunchiness of the vegetable, I savor every bit. With the way they prepare the Pinakbet, do I need to tell that I got a whole 3 rounds of serving.
Pancit Canton Guisado ( Stir-Fried Canton Noodles ) just like how my mother would cook it.  Love the taste
I don’t think you could consider a Filipino Buffet without the It log Na Maalat with the Kamatis and Sibuyas, I literally got a plate just for this dish (Sorry no Mangga). Did you know that I would trade this dish with Lechon. That’s how  much I love it.
 For the dessert, you can choose between the kakanin and the halo-halo. A real Filipino dish all the way.

 Happy Eating everyone
Lunch Buffet is served from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday
P450.00 per Head

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