Friday, August 19, 2016

Davao-born seafood goodness to Manila: Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps

Dining in bare seems to be gone now adays, with all the fine dining restaurants in the Metro.  There are times that you can seems to enjoy food because of projection that we need to use utensils when we dine; that’s okey with steak but what about when it come to seafood. Sea food are best eaten with bare hands but you need to be at home to feel this comfort.

Now that same feeling could be felt if you dine at Blue Post. Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps continues to spread the seafood goodness unlike anything you’re ever tasted with the launch of its very first branch in Manila at the 4th level of The Block at SM North Edsa.
At Blue Posts, dining with bare hands is the norm. Once the food-grade wax paper is set before you accompanied by a Blue Posts bib, prepare for a messy but satisfying gastronomic adventure.         

Diners can choose from a wide roster of seafood placed in a food grade boiling bag mixed with the signature Blue Posts Cajun Special Sauce, along with corn cobs and other extras such as sausages and boiled potatoes. Customers can choose whether they prefer it regular, mild, or spicy hot. Whatever level of flavour you pick, the dishes remain interesting, mouth-watering, and worth going back to.

Other than its delightful seafood menu, another Blue Posts attraction is the writing of graffiti on the restaurant walls.
In 2013, Blue Posts was redesigned into a casual-dining haunt. The place owes its reinvention to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Jennifer Ang who in one of their US trips noticed the emergence of casual-dining seafood restaurants. Their popularity was such that people would line up even before the stores would open and didn’t mind it.
One of these restaurants was so distinct it boasted a “messy finger-licking” dining style which reminded the couple of the very Pinoy “kamay-kainan” dining fashion. The Angs knew at once that they had to bring the same concept to Davao City. 

Mr Anthony Ang talks about Blue Post

From Davao to Manila, the journey of Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps is something worth relishing.  

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