Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Samsung Smart Oven Recipe: Singaporean Baked Prawns with Glass Noodles (Sotonghon)

I recently joined the Samsung Digital Appliances 7th Cooking Workshop last September 30. Attached herewith are photos from the event and recipes of the featured dishes. 

Singaporean Baked Prawns with Glass Noodles (Sotonghon)

  1. Prepare microwavable white round pan.
  2. Ingredients: 100 grams sotanghon (glass noodles) soak in water to soften. Drained.
  3. For Sauteeing: ¼ cup oil, ¼ cup crushed garlic, 1-10 peso coin size ginger, 2 tbsp. Wansuey roots (save leaves for garnish),1 tsp. Pepper, 1tbsp. Soy sauce, 1 tbsp. Fish sauce, 1 beef cube, 2 cups water.
  4. 400 grams medium prawns-peel of shells, leave head and leave one part of tail intact. Devein.
  5. In a frying pan add oil, garlic, ginger, wansuey roots. Mix for 1 minute. Add remaining ingredients in step 3. Let boil. Add glass noodles. Turn off fire. Transfer to white round plate.
  6. Arrange prawns in a circular fashion on top of the glass noodles. Cover with cling. Put in Samsung Smart Oven. Set in Microwave+convection mode and time 5 minutes. Remove Cling. Garnish with wansuey leaves.
  7. Serve with calamansi, soy sauce, 1 tsp. Sesame oil.
Happy cooking using your  Samsung Smart Oven
Smart Oven

The Samsung Smart Oven will surely meet families’ on-the-go lifestyle as well as their need for healthy food. It has features that make it the all-in-one cooking solution, veering away from the usual only “reheating” feature of microwaves. It has the SLIM FRY Technology that allows oil-free frying and fuss-free frying and grilling. The convection mode, on the other hand, assures that the food is cooked evenly without the need of frequently opening the Smart Oven to rotate the food. Aside from upgrading the kitchen, cooking skills are about to level up with this appliance.

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