Monday, September 19, 2016

Restaurant Under 500 : 7 Flavors Buffet and A La Carte

I sometimes decline going on buffet restaurant for the reason Na lugi kasi ako pag buffet resto tapos di naman talaga ako malakas kumain and besides, mahal ang fee per head.
That’s what I think for most of the buffet restaurant na napuntahan ko na but then again, I can be wrong sometimes.

Last week, some friends decide to dine somewhere in San Juan, I heard the name of the restaurant a couple of times and was actually curios because Chef Logro is one of the owner.

7 flavors are located at 196 Mabini St., Additional Hills, and San Juan. It serves lunch and dinner buffet and the price is under 500.00 per head

How to commute going to 7 flavors
As for me, the best way is through Shaw Blvd., whether you are coming from Edsa or from Kalentong, you only need to reach Mandala Park and across is Mabini St

You can choose to walk or ride a tricycle , Lampas lang ng PUP San Juan and you near 7 flavors, konting lakad na lang

7 flavors is at the right side, I think 1 way sya so make sure to look on your right

The first thing I notice about the place, is the huge parking area.7 flavors is the perfect place for big events, why? Because it can accommodate your entire guest. Parking is the usual problem pag may event ka or occasion. Parking is also problem when you dine out, kasi maiinis ka sa kakaikot para lang maghanap ng parking, eh gutom ka na. Sa 7 flavors, di mo magiging problema yun

7 flavors is a 2 storey building although ung 2nd floor nila is reserve for the buffet area but just in case may occasions ka na you want to celebrate, you can use the ground floor and they will set up a buffet for you and your guest.

The staff are amazing, bakit hindi; eh they are tie up with the sister company of 7 flavors, The MCHA.

The Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy (MCHA) is a newly established learning institution in San Juan City which provides world class culinary education. MCHA is an institution of higher learning which is professional in scope, social centered, and committed to prepare culinary professionals with marketable and transferrable skills in the ever changing culinary and hospitality industry.

So now let’s talk about the place, it’s actually simple and it’s because the restaurant focuses on the food. As for me, it’s okey naman just as long as makakaikot ka without banging to anyone on your way to the buffet area. There are areas din naman dun na pwedeng kayo lang ng mga barkada or family ang mag occupy. In total, pasado napo and besides, ung food naman ang habol natin plus a good service.I don’t think elaborate set up can compensate to that

As for the food, they have a variety, from soup, appetizer, and main course and to the dessert. And not to mention, they have Japanese food, so masaya na ko sa maki ko.
They have ice cream and ice tea as well.

In total, I’m good na with the food, but please don’t forget their taco, the taco are homemade and they deserve a place in your plate.

As for the drinks, it’s not included in the buffet price, but I love their drinks, the fruit shake and coffee is well worth the price.


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