Friday, June 10, 2016

Where to eat in Palawan :Viet Ville Palawan

Why do we travel?

I want to travel because I want to discover new places and see what other have seen, that’s my answer.

From the places I visit there are stories behind it that you would not imagine that really happen and you will be amaze by it.

Just like the story of one of Viet Ville

When you think of Palawan, you would probably immediately think of the Underground River. Well true to the matter, that’s also the first thing that comes into my mind, but there is more to it than just the tourist spot in Palawan, particularly Puerto Princesa

It was our second day and we were planning to go to a nearby beach in Nagtabon. But first thing first, fill up our tummy. As we pass by Barangay Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, we stop by at Viet Ville Restaurant. The area is more like a ghost town but you will be amaze with the history of the place not to mention the delicious food that the restaurant served.

Viet Ville is part of the Viet Ville Village, it is the place where a lot of Vietnamese who seek refuge here in the Palawan because of the war during the 1770’s. 

Viet Ville is the home for them and thru the help of the some kind hearted group, they were able to settle and make the town their own.Well that was years ago and now, I found out that only 2 the original settler remain in Viet Ville and they have the Viet Ville Restaurant to be proud of Viet Ville Restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese food; well it’s true because most of the ingredients needed were imported directly from Vietnam. We may have local versions here but it will not give the same taste that it the Viet Ville needed for their dishes. 

Chicken spring roll - Php 100Vietnamese iced tea       

Bo kho ( beef stef)  - Php 105

Lapu - lapu vietnamese style - Php 135

Vietnamese sapin - sapin
Viet Ville does not only served authentic Vietnamese food but they bake French bread everyday

Do take time to visit the place and while waiting for your food to be served, go around the area and you will see and discover a Buddha temple and Catholic church around the area. The houses are torn down already but you will see how caring our Palawenos when it comes to hospitality and accommodating other nationalities.

Costume for rent : P 25.00
Contact number for Viet Ville inquiry for inquiry and reservation : (0977)456-7599

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