Monday, February 15, 2016

Brinner Cafe: Breakfast Till Dinner Cafe

The first thing that you would be concern about when you set up a business is the profit.
Well I guess; I meet a different kind of businessmen because Brinner Café is the one business that thinks of its customer’s happiness before the big profit thing

Located at 1676 Piy Margal cor. M. Dela Fuente St., Manila, Sampaloc is a small, cute, inspiring café named Brinner Café.

They cater to the needs of the community and not just the students. They served breakfast for dinner menu which is basically a silog type of dish plus mouthwatering, belly filling waffles plus their customized cakes.

The first thing that would attract you are the hanging ornaments form the ceiling, the menu board that hangs on the wall and the cute display that you would think was made for them by an interior designer.

But Brinner Café is not all about the interior, as they say feast with your eyes, be comfortable with the ambiance and get ready to fill your tummy; satisfaction guaranteed
I know that there are a lot of fast food chains in the area and that’s what makes Brinner Café different because they served their food hot from the grill or from the waffle maker J

Their silog has 5 types which you can choose from, they can be tapa, pork, bangus, bacon and spam. I suggest that you order an extra rice and share it with your friend because the viand can feed 2 person because there’s  2 egg that comes with it and you can choose between sunny side up or scramble.

They served in large quantity; therefore I suggest that you share it with friends especially the waffles

Waffles cost around 110.00 to 130 but it sulit. You can trade your chosen waffle with your friends when they order a different one from you since, it has 4 pieces and I know you can’t eat all the four of them.

For the students, I would suggest this place since it’s really affordable and cozy and will satisfy your palate just like it did to me.

You can also order a customized cake as well

Brinner Café
1676 Piy Margal cor. M. Dela Fuente St., Manila, Sampaloc

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