Thursday, July 9, 2015

Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant: Now Open at Robinsons' Magnolia

When it comes to Chinese food, I am an addict; I don’t know why but I love how they cook their dishes that make your mouth water even just by looking at it. I recently found a new place where dining would be truly be pleasurable but yet affordable

I was actually having a hard time pronouncing the word when I ask where the restaurant was located when I arrived at Robinsons’ Magnolia but it seems it was well known already that I was lead   immediately to the location.
Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant is one of the newest Chinese restaurants located at Robinsons’ Magnolia
The Venue

The venue is good for family gathering and there are rooms for private functions as well. It’s nice to watch the fish tank where alive seafood could be seen and you know that what you will eat are fresh and alive and were not frozen to be able to have that delicious taste that we crave for. Having taste the authentic seafood and Chinese cuisine is something I love to share to you
I always have this saying “ Pwede kang mabusog pero di ka naman nasiyahan”. With my experience with Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant, this is not the case.  Busog ka na , nasiyahan ka pa , that I can guarantee.

The Food

If you are going to dine at a Chinese Restaurant, always remember to prepare yourself and a nice cup of tea would do the trick

 An appetizer platter consisting of roast barbecued pork, lechon macau, chinese sausage, pata jamon, seaweed and century egg; you can have all the meat but the seaweed is all mines. I love the seaweed so much I can munch on this all. The dipping are an add on but I can have the seaweed even without it  An appetizer platter consisting of roast barbecued pork, lechon macau, chinese sausage, pata jamon, seaweed and century egg
Price: 370.00

Mixed Seafood with Polonchay Soup: Do I really need to say something about this soup, when I just finish 3 cups of this during dinner
Price :P 290.00

Lapu-Lapu in Egg White, this dish was brilliantly done; why?, because it all ready to eat. The perfect combination of the lapu-lapu meat and egg white is great. There are just dishes that goes really good together and lapu-lapu in egg white is one of them

Pan Fried Prawns with Salted Egg: Crunchy and the mixture of Salt eggs makes it more interesting . It stimulate something in my palate that keep me from stopping to eat it. There’s enjoyment in every bit I may say

Lechon Macau: what can I say, Lechon Macau is lechon macau

Spicy Frog Legs: when it come to exotic food, they know it all, taste just like chicken and crunchy as well. Dip it with vinegar and you’ll  fall for it

Yangchow Fried Rice: a full meal itself, with vegies and meat and spices

Elephant Shell with Broccoli Flower in XO sauce: the greens are crunchy and I now know what is the taste of the elephant shell

Sauteed Fried Crabs with Sotanghon : Have you ever seen a sotanghon dish where in the ingredients are bigger and brighter , a whole fried crab and more than the sotanghon can handle

A feasmt good for 10 pax 
Mixed Fruits

According to Ms. Andrea Joyce Ng-Wen, “Xilaimen means happiness in Chinese and this is what we want for the customers to experience whenever they dine in at our restaurant.” “An ambiance of joy as they enter the restaurant,” added by Ms. Wen. Not only with the restaurant but with the food that is served as well. By doing so, it makes the food experience more fun and enjoyable, more enticing for everyone to go back and have an exquisite dining experience.

For reservation. Please contact

Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant
Al Fresco, Upper Ground
Robinsons Magnolia,
New Manila, Quezon City

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