Friday, September 13, 2013

Baconized and Chizified Anything and Everything at KFC

We always find ways to celebrate anythin in our office if that would mean that we got to order a KFC Bucket Meal and with fries as add on. I always love the fries , it’s big and yummy especially with gravy as a dipping sauce. Now there’s a new way I could enjoy my fries and that’s with bacon and cheese. Anything and everything can ba baconized and chizified, don’t wanna believe me then head on to your nearest KFC branch and see it for your self.

KFC Philippines invite their fans over to their stores for a Cheezy Bacon Fest. Fans will be delighted to hear that the chicken that they’ve loved through the years has just gotten better as they are cheezified and baconized. Through Cheezy Bacon Fest, KFC fans and cheese and bacon lovers alike will now be able to indulge and satisfy in their most insatiable cravings as the world’s most beloved foods are added to another classic, the KFC fried chicken.

“By coming up with unique product innovations, like the Cheezy Bacon Fest, we relive Colonel Sanders’ passion for quality cooking and persistence for discovering so good dishes that KFC fans love,” said Natalie Perez, KFC Philippines Marketing Director.

Best sellers such as the KFC Rice Bowl and Pasta Bowl will surely take center stage as they are made more irresistible with creamy cheese sauce and helpings of smoky bacon. They star alongside other cheezified and baconized snacks such as the Twister, Chik’n Fillet, Bucket of Fries and the Zinger—yes, KFC dares to make its signature big sandwich even more delectable by adding cheese and bacon. The classic Mashed Potato can also now be enjoyed with cheese sauce and bacon bits as toppings. Aside from these products, KFC Fans can cheezify and baconize ANY of their favorites for an additional price.

Indeed, everything is better with cheese and bacon. You better hurry since this offer is available for a limited time only. Cheezify and baconize your KFC favorites at your nearest KFC store now and turn so good to extra good.

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